(Out Of The Coma)
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Progressive, Folk
Sounds Like:
Mellow Candle, Henry Cow
This could very well be one of the worst female and male vocal performances we have ever heard on one album. What is interesting is that the musical accompaniment is actually above average as it could be a good instrumental album. Medieval acoustic folk blended with the occasional flute, sax, and tambourine.

Comus hailing from Britain had a brief stint in the early 1970s; their first album, First Utterance, gave them a cult following perhaps for their dismal and dark off key against the grain style.  They reunited in 2009 and released 'Out of the Coma' in 2012. There is no question they should have let things rest in the 70s. The early albums at least contained that low budget horror classic authentic feel. The new album has good sound quality that just makes the god forsaken vocals more prominent.

Their resurgence completely goes nowhere and is frankly unlistenable. The album essentially turns into comedic rock as we become dumbfounded by the awful vocals and lyrics. Sorry folks, but no track by track overview here. The only tolerable cut is the last live track recorded in 1972 "The Malgaard Suite" for its bizarro hodgepodge of who the hell knows what. - 12/14/2014

Standout Tracks: The Malgaard Suit
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