(Dux Mea Lux)
Turn this to 3.9 of 11
Metal, Hard rock
Sounds Like:
Last Crack, Alice Cooper, Dokken
Apparently known for their bizarre live sets and masked pagan rituals, Cretus, hailing from parts unknown, have released their first EP. While it is difficult to find a lot of information about the band, their website is chock-full of slick and high-end production.
Track one "Price of Immortality" starts off in a positive direction. A nice dark touch with the eerie xylophone and distortive vocals get the juices flowing. Unfortunately our saliva dries up into cottonmouth as the opener quickly loses steam with attempts to rhyme with the word 'immortality'. Forced rhyming as we call it, is the kiss of death.

The second track "Darkness Bites" is perhaps the most energetic track off the album. We appreciate the unique tempos and swirling guitars. The attempt at darkness, however, backfires into what we interpret as slapstick tom foolery and us very hard to take serious.

Interestingly enough the best moments on the EP are where the band deviates from conventional metal and uses unique harmonies. The vocals are best either distorted or in a falsetto harmony. The deep serious vocals creep in all too often and really cause is to cringe.  

"What I Will" provides some elements of horror. Unfortunately the heavy guitar-work lacks depth and quickly tires. The closer "Little Children" is a complete abomination. What appears to be a ballad turns into an absolute fiasco of garbled garbage and about 6 minutes too long.

Track Listing:
1. Price of Immortality
2. Darkness Bites
3. What I Will
4. The Leader
5. Little Children

We appreciate the stage presence and theatrics that Cretus brings to their live shows. We also appreciate their wonderful taste in album covers. Unfortunately what they lack is quality music to back it up. - 11/21/2015

Standout Tracks: What I Will
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