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Black Metal, Psychedelic drone
Sounds Like:
Girl 27, Venom, Agalloch
Lead singer Jay Gambit's vocals can be best described as a chained victim yelping twenty feet below a dark well. His  energy and focus is angled upwards as he screams towards the light. Chilling hollow echoes and suppressed cries emanate to provide the listener with a very disturbing but truly original vibe. Crowhurst's latest work is a bit of a departure from their previous noise rock and minimalistic approach. The self-titled full length contains a myriad of sound, tempo changes and ambient doom.

Founded in 2011 and hailing from Los Angeles, California,  Crowhurst could be one of the most prolific underground bands we have every encountered. Having released over twenty dark works through Tiny Mix Tapes, Foxy Digitals, A Closer Listen, Beard Rock, and many others they seem to live and breath experimental death metal. Crowhurst balances explosive drum patterns along with impressive twin guitar leads to create a sound that is very ambitious.

Line up:
Jay Gambit - Vocals & Synths
Brian Reis - Guitar
Spencer Wessels - Bass
Johann Curie - Guitar
Eric Soth - Percussion

1. Penumbra (2:12) - Terrific instrumental intro highlighted by brooding percussion and grinding synth work.

2. A Precipice of Stone (4:34) - The most intense vocals are featured here. You really get the sense of Gambit's desperation as he is trapped in the well below. This one actually has a bouncy rhythmic feel, until the 2:45 mark where things start to spiral towards a grinding doom approach. Great contrast from the beginning of the song.

3. Judgement (6:07) - Our favorite track on the album. Great variety and the guitar-work is sensational. The highs and lows in this one are sensational, it's intense and majestic at the same time. Believe it or not, we found some very touching moments during this track.

4. It is the Mercy (7:13) - Starts off with a Black Math Horseman feel, the goth vocals really provide for a dark few moments. The song slowly builds intensity over time and kicks into full grind-core mode for a moment. This could be one if the more entertaining tracks on the album.

5. Black Oceans (6:49) - A mesmerizing and majestic track that has our arms lift towards the sky. This song will surely pull you into there dark world if you're on the fence.

6. Languorous Void (5:14) - This one can wear on you, it's not for the faint of heart. The rhythms can be a bit overwhelming and confusing.

7. Luna Falseta (8:55) - A grinding ambient song featuring Eugene Robinson with some spoken word. This one is mediocre at best. Somewhat of a deflating ending to the first solid five tracks.

We appreciate Crowhurst's vigor and originality. We found their self-titled release to be a nice addition to our black metal library. Its a genre that is certainly open to quite a bit of criticism. But ultimately, Crowhurst love what they do and it shows in their energy and creativity. We recommend picking this one up, not only for its creative sound, but its impressive album art would be an excellent addition to your collection. - 4/11/2015

Standout Tracks: Judgement, It's Is The Mercy
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