Crown Lands
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Sounds Like:
From Toronto, Canada welcome the high flying duo of Crown Lands. Comprised of lead vocalist and drummer Cody Bowles and guitarist/bassist Kevin Comeau, the duo bring forth an energetic effort to their debut EP Mantra. At first listen it’s nearly impossible not to compare them to Wolfmother, even the vocals sound exactly like Andrew Stockdale. Upon countless listens, we find their energetic and infectious vibe rather easy to get hooked on.

What are the highlights of Mantra?
The second track “Mantra” is upbeat and rhythmic; it’s very easy to get into this one. The last cut, “Scott Fitzgerald” features some different muffled-like vocals and ventures out a bit from the other four songs.

How is the production value?
The production just fine for a duo, the drums seem to be the focal point and carry the music.

Does the album art reflect the music?

The goat drawing lured us in, we thought this would be a stoner sludge type album, to our surprise it is an upbeat rock album.

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?
How about some Pabst Blue Ribbon. Throw this album on with a sixer of PBR and your all set.

What are our final thoughts on Mantra?

These guys are talented and enthusiastic musicians. If they could steer away from the Wolfmother comparison a bit, they could be on to something big. This is a good debut EP and we plan on keeping tabs on them, hopefully their second release will blow us away. - 9/23/2016


1. Being Right 02:52
2. Mantra 02:37
3. Sweet Avalon 02:26
4. One Good Reason 02:58
5. Scott Fitzgerald 03:16

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