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Psychedelic indie rock
Sounds Like:
Warpaint, Beach House, Melody’s Echo Chamber
New York based Crumb throw a much needed fresh twist into the lagging indie rock genre with their second release Locket. Now this isn’t your typical indie rock album, we’re not even sure it belongs in this genre, but we need something to guide our audience. This 4 song EP is loaded with soft and atmospheric melodies. What captivates us are the deep and bottom-less bass work by Jesse Brotter and the sensual vocals of Lila Ramani. It’s a rather unique sounding album that fans of Warpaint or Beach House will gravitate easily towards.

What makes Crumb so unique and stand out in their genre?
The four-piece really hone in on spacious and unusual beats to create an atmospheric or even a psychedelic sound.

What are the highlights of the album?
The third cut “Thirty-Nine” is a superb song. We love how the track feels like two different songs. It begins with soft and inviting melodies than morphs into a mesmerizing dark and psychedelic jam… the band is on their game here. Everything falls into place, from the bass and synths to the percussion, we would love this track to go on for a few more minutes. “Recently Played” comes in a close second, this track is just so damn fluent.

How is the production value?
Locket is very well produced and gives off a beautiful array of sound. We highly recommend listening to this on a set of House of Marley Positive Vibration Headphones.

How is the vocal performance?
Singer/guitarist Lila Ramani’s vocals are excellent; she has a sensual, yet homegrown tone. She really blends her vocals well into the music, it’s one of the many draws to this album.

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?
We highly recommend The Beer, Bourbon & Barbecue Cocktail. This drink combines beer, bourbon and barbecue all in one drink, what else do you need.
1 1/4 ounces Maker's Mark Bourbon Whisky
1 ounce Evan Williams Honey Reserve Whiskey Liqueur
1 bottle of Shiner Hefeweizen Beer
1 ounce BBQ water
1/4 of a whole orange

Final thoughts on Locket.
Crumb has delivered a very impressive EP here. It can be very relaxing and meditative at times, but most importantly these four musicians seem to have crafted a sound all their own. As much as we like this EP that runs around 15 minutes, we look forward to a full length down the road. - 7/7/2017

1. Plants 03:11
2. Recently Played 02:00
3. Thirty-Nine 04:39
4. Locket 05:18

Band Members:

Guitar/ Vocals - Lila Ramani
Bass - Jesse Brotter
Synth/Keys + Percussion + Reeds - Brian Aronow
Drums - Jonathan Gilad

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