Crypt Trip
(Mabon Songs)
Crank this to 8.5 of 11
Heavy psych rock
Sounds Like:
Graveyard, Brujas Del Sol, Deep Purple
Crypt Trip from Texas has dropped a very impressive EP upon us. These three songs are loaded with delicious 70s inspired heavy blues rock that jam. Coming off their 2014 strong debut Self-Titled album, Crypt Trip has taken their music to another level on Mabon Songs, even though it’s only three tracks. Come explore what this EP has to offer and see if its fits right into your heavy rotation.

What are the highlights of Mabon Songs?

Since it’s a short EP, all three songs are a jam fest of heavy, unfiltered stoner blues.

How is the production value?
The production is good, it feels more polished than their 1st album. The bass seems more pronounced; the whole EP has a fuller sound.

How is the vocal performance?
The vocals of Ryan are well suited for this blend of rock, clean and a bit raw.

Two words that describe this album.
Bluesy Riffage

Does the album art reflect the music?
Yes, it’s a throwback to the late 60s era of psychedelic rock; like Blue Cheer or Yardbirds.

What adult beverage do we recommend while listening to this album?
Bells Oarsman Ale.  The light golden hue with citrus and sour flavors will enhance your experience with this album.

What are our final thoughts?
Crypt Trip have that special 70s psychedelic groove rock sound down to a science. They have just captured our interest with this EP and have us yearning for a full length. Let’s hope they can provide one soon while their EP is gaining momentum.

1. Natural Chylde 06:45
2. Tears Of Gaia 05:08
3. Mabon Song 01:44

Band Members

SAM – Bass
CAM - Drums / Percussion
RYAN - Guitar
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