The Darklight
(The Pale Bride)
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Sounds Like:
Circa Survive, Live
We took a gamble on adding Dublin Ireland’s The Darklight to our rotation. We thought maybe with the album cover this could be some interesting metal, even with the backward “K” in the band logo, which is usually a red flag. We were wrong, but we stuck with it, we give everything a chance even if it doesn’t hit us right away. Well The Darklight pretty much fails on all levels, it’s a progressive styled alternative rock that absolutely goes nowhere.

The songs are just flat and the lyrics get a bit over dramatic for our taste. Not to say the music is awful, it just feels stale, it’s a rock album trying to be more than it is. The production is ok, for example the lead guitar on the opening track sounds rather weak. The vocals are just over done on the opening track… “this is war” is chanted quite a few times which gets old quickly. Track two isn’t much better, if we hear the lyrics “she said” one more time, we may just tear our ears off. We get it, this so-called woman said many things. “Dawn” really has no identity, there is an eighties rock feel stuck within this modern alternative song. The last track is basically just guitar and vocals for most of the song, making the listener focus on the lyrics, which are very theatrical. This brings us to a close as we’ll just put this EP to the side and move on. - 1/10/2016

Band Members:
Vocals & Guitar - Keith James Clarke
Guitar - Arkadiusz Ratajczak
Drums - Rob Swan
Bass - Richard Malone

Track Listing:
1. Fool's Parade 04:33
2. Alive... She said 04:02
3. Dawn 03:38
4. Parasite 04:17

Standout Tracks:
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