Death Hawks
(Sun Future Moon)
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Psychedelic rock
Sounds Like:
The Soundcarriers, The Doors, Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound
Death Hawks, the name alone leaves one thinking just what am I getting into. It has the potential to just about anything, is it brutal death metal or bluesy stoner rock?  From the album cover we were leaning towards stoner rock with a twist of classic southern hard rock flavor. Well to our delight, Sun Future Moon is an impressive assemblage of 60s and 70s inspired psych rock. This album has taken us by surprise, as it has flown way under the radar and could be one of the most entertaining, rich sounding psyche rock albums to be released in 2015.

Hailing from Finland, Death Hawks formed on 2010 and have graced us with two previous albums, Death & Decay (2012) and Death Hawks (2013). It’s a bit difficult to pin down who they sound like as the band knows no boundaries. It’s a conglomeration of drug-induced psych rock, reflective folk and a tad of 70s funk thrown in. At times we hear some trippy Pink Floyd-like psychedelics or the intoxicating side of The Doors. After all this, the album does possess a modern flare as it sounds fresh and innovative.

Track Listing:
1. Hey Ya Sun Ra 05:23
2. Ripe Fruits 05:00
3. Dream Machine 04:54
4. Behind Thyme 04:40
5. Seaweed 04:59
6. Dream Life, Waking Life 03:44
7. Heed The Calling 03:37
8. Wing Wah 03:03
9. Future Moon 04:02
10. Friend of Joy 03:28

The first four tracks will absorb you and lure you into their psychedelic rich world. Track one, “Hey Ya Sun Ra” has a trippy 60s West coast psyche vibe that sets the tone. The use of the synths amongst the music is brilliant and the vocals are very open ended and free spirited. They continue to impress with the upbeat “Ripe Fruits.” This track is so damn smooth and vibrant, the piano helps gives this one its uplifting charm. “Dream Machine” has some heavy synth work as we weren’t sure where they were going with this. The vocals somehow draw you in as the singing is very rhythmic and inviting, it may actually put you in a blissful state of mind. Track four, “Behind Thyme,” the released single, will no doubt draw in fans of the psyche rock genre. We should know, it stuck with us the moment we heard it.

The album takes a turn to a more toned-down psyche vibe with the instrumental “Seaweed.” Just sit back, crank it up and let this one fill the room and wash over you. Same goes for the following song “Dream Life, Waking Life,” with its soft spoken word and laid back, psyche approach, you’ll find yourself drifting off. One of the best cuts off the album could be “Heed The Calling” where the bass and drums are tremendous. This song has everything going for it with its laid back tribal feel, it’s just flat out addicting. Things take a turn towards a 70s funk style with “Wing Wah,” it some takes us away from the psychedelics, yet it changes things up and does fit in.

The last two beautifully written songs “Future Moon” and “Friend of Joy” show the psych folk side of Death Hawks. “Future Moon” displays outstanding vocals and its reflective nature is very endearing. This leads to the final track “Friend of Joy” with its comforting 60s folk aura that will lift your spirits and leave you content.

Death Hawks have created a wonderful album that will appeal to just about anyone who follows psyche rock to stoner and classic rock. We highly recommend this one, it’s a rather easy album to gravitate towards. - 1/20/2016

Band Members:
Teemu Markkula - Vocals & Guitars
Tenho Mattila - Keyboards & Sax
Riku Pirttiniemi - Bass & Vocals
Miikka Heikkinen - Drums

Standout Tracks: Ripe Fruits, Behind Thyme, Heed The Calling
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