Death of Lovers
(Buried Under A World of Roses)
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New Wave, Goth
Sounds Like:
Joy Division, Sisters of Mercy, Alien Sex Fiend
Death of Lovers, may be a side-project or perhaps something that will blossom into a full-time gig... yet to be determined. Members of shoegaze bands Whirr and Nothing (they have a cool split CD by the way) joined forces while experiencing some quality chemistry on tour. What they created was an EP that melds goth and new wave into a sound that is very distinctive and authentic.

1. Cold Heaven (4:10)
2. Shaken (4:20)
3. Buried Under a World of Roses (4:10)
4. The Blue of Noon (5:55)

The first track "Cold Heaven" is an ominous track that features analog infused vocals and brooding percussion.  The track establishes the dark overshadowed mood for the EP.  Lead singer Domeric Palermo has a very persuasive style that really takes you back to the heart of the 80s new age era. The guitar work and keyboards mesh very well together providing for a strong gothic underpinning.

The second track, "Shaken," is a bit mellower yet more expansive. This track infuses even more of a goth feel. The last two minutes of this track are so poignant where depressing keyboards take hold and overpower vocals that appear to be in some high ceiling church-like acoustic setting. Very solemn ending. Next up the title track, reminding us of some of the Cure's first recordings meshed with the darkness of Bauhaus. Impressive and simplistic cut. The closer, "The Blue of Noon" approaches six minutes in length and floats in elegance and relaxation. Subtle echo and deep percussion lead the way to this pleasing closer.

Our experience has been that there is not much fresh and innovative music out within this genre. Death of Lovers clearly have capitalized on a chemistry that really delivers an authentic goth and new age feel. The EP is refreshing and the least bit contrived. This "side-project" surely had a clear mission. To refresh a someone flat genre and create a new angle of emotions into a clear and concise four tracks. - 1/5/2014

Standout Tracks: The Blue of Noon, Shaken
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