Diffuse Horizons
Synthetic Thoughts
Crank this to 8.3 of 11
Progressive metal
Sounds Like:
Ayreon, Gojira, Obscura
Saturday, February 09, 2019
Costa Rica, such a diverse land of cloud forests, rain forests, shoreline, and volcanoes. Such is the way of Diffuse Horizons, the Costa Rica natives throw quite a bit at you in a relatively short timeframe. The band features an impressive line-up of varied vocals (male and female) along with a mix of keyboards, flutes and violin. We appreciate the weight of the heavy coupled with the impressive distorted vocals. The production is also very solid as Synthetic Thoughts shines as a headphone listen. Each song has an abrupt ending that fits well with the industrial vibe that the album generates. We tend not to gravitate towards drum programming and this has been somewhat of an obstacle for us throughout our navigation of Synthetic Thoughts, but the diversity within the album helped get us over to the positive side with this one.

Track Listing:
1. Inception (1:24)
2. Activation (4:05)
3. Mannequin (3:34)
4. Lapse-Ura (3:57)
5. Resist (4:22)
6. Black Out (3:36)
7. Nest of Flesh (3:03)

Standout Track:
"Activation" combines the most impressive distorted vocal techniques with incredible fretwork speed. This is Queensryche inflicted with rabies. Impressive rhythms containing the most punch of the seven track lot.

Adult Beverage Pairing:
A wonderful match is Lake Arenal Black Ash Stout, a deep dark stout with a thin mocha head. Contrasts well with the Diffuse Horizon sound. Vibrant fruity chocolate malt with light grassy hops, light vanilla extract, nice and smooth light powdery character.

Captivation and Variety
7.9 out of 11

Weight of the Heavy
8.9 out of 11

Vocal Prowess
8.6 out of 11

Fretwork Prowess
8.3 out of 11

Percussion Prowess
5.7 out of 11

Overall Album Flow
8.0 out of 11

7.9 out of 11

Album Cover Aesthetics
9.1 out of 11

Production Value
8.3 out of 11

Diffuse Horizons is:
Sebastian Quirós - Keyboards, Lead and backing vocals, Composing
Jorge Rojas - Lead and rhythm guitars
Marco Navarro - Bass Guitar
Andrés Lizano - Drum programming.
Oscar Vargas - Flutes,backing vocals.
Gio Chacón - Lead and backing vocals.
Esteban Muñoz - Keyboards.
Valeria Benavides - Violin

Final Thoughts:
Fans of heavier progressive metal or even the old-fashioned industrial may gravitate towards this album. We appreciate the diversity and time put into the seven tracks. As a ‘Name Your Price’ on BandCamp, this becomes a no-brainer for fans of the heavy. Give it a gander... explore the heavy.

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