Dirty Sound Magnet
(Western Lies)
Crank this to 8.8 of 11
Creative rock
Sounds Like:
Tweak Bird, These Arms Are Snakes, Black Lips
There are not enough diverse rock bands out today that break the mold and not cater to one particular genre. Dirty Sound Magnet, a trio from Switzerland has introduced us to the “Creative rock” genre, meaning that with every new song, anything is possible. After having Western Lies in our rotation for quite some time, there is no limit to the bands’ imagination. It’s nearly impossible to pigeon hole these guys into one category; it’s like an onion, there are many layers to this one. This album treats us to so many styles of rock; from progressive, stoner and alternative to bits of garage and math rock to name a few. It’s one of those albums that with each listen, you will hear something new and become a bigger fan.

What are the highlights of the album?
Western Lies has so many good tracks that it never gets stuck in a rut or becomes tiresome. Of course, the released single “Homo Economicus” will stick with you, it’s an extremely addicting tune. The upbeat modern progressive sound along with the unusual vocals of Stavros Dzodzos makes this one an easy track to hook the listener. “Cash Cow Superstar” will reel you in as well, it’s a short track, but it’s loaded with killer grooves and rhythm. “Eastern Flood” is a great instrumental that dances between 60s garage psychedelia and a heavy progressive sound. Do we hear an odd chant in the background, perhaps, as it really elevates this tune.

How is the vocal performance?
Very unusual, singer Stavros Dzodzos reminds us of Cole Alexander from The Black Lips and Steve Snere of These Arms Are Snakes. Yes, he has a unique tone.

How is the production value?
Hats off to the production and mixing crew, the production is solid considering they are all over the map in terms of styles of rock.

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?
Victory at Sea by Ballast Point Brewery. This 10% ABV Coffee Vanilla Imperial Porter is mighty tasty. It’s a bold, smooth brew with just the right amount of sweetness blended with vanilla and coffee beans creating a winning combination for your palate.

Final thoughts for Western Lies.

Dirty Sound Magnet have progressed leaps and bounds since their debut album Loop. Where Loop had a more classic rock sound, Western Lies shows the band in a new light. We applaud their new vision of Creative rock and feel they can take their style of progressive music anywhere. - 6/16/2017

1. The Sophisticated Dark Ages (2007- present) 03:15
2. Cash Cow Superstar 02:55
3. A Gutted Diva 03:57
4. Homo Economicus 04:11
5. Ecstasy Of God 10:50
6. Merry People 04:53
7. The Poet and his Prophet 05:05
8. Western Lie 04:01
9. Eastern Flood 04:05
10. My Dolly Bird 02:42

Band Members:
Maxime Cosandey - Drums
Stavros Dzodzos - Guitar
Marco Mottolini - Bass

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