Turn this to 2.3 of 11
Progressive metal
Sounds Like:
Apocalyptica, Dragonforce, The Shadow Theory
Let's throw everything and the kitchen sink at them. Haphazard synthesizer followed by stern but goofy vocals tied together with sloppy speed guitar all wrapped in a bow of shit. This whole album is so contrived and artificially soldered together. It's as if Gary Moore, Evanescence Depeche Mode and Dragonforce got thrown in a studio for 2 hours with 4 synths, 2 guitars and synsonic drums and told to slap some chaos together. Much like this review, this album invokes agita.

Track Listing:
01. Another Sky
02. Fire-Bellied
03. Outside The Skin
04. Breach
05. Totality
06. Odium
07. Anastomosis
08. Lysis
09. The Last Resistance
10. Sunderance

Oh by the way, Dissona is a Chicago-based progressive rock band where we have to give them props for their energy and good intentions. The album leans heavily to the experimental rock side integrating about every tempo. There are not many standouts here but give a gander to the closers, "Sunderance," with its female chanting and folk-laced essence and “Fire-Bellied” which provides hints of Opeth in the distant distant shadows.

We recommend throwing this one on at dusk for a few chuckles... outside of this it is a destined 'bargain bin' gem. Newbury Comics may give you zero for your trade back on this one. - 3/15/2016

Standout Tracks:
Fire-Bellied, Sunderance
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