Dot Legacy
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Alternative rock, Metal, Stoner rock
Sounds Like:
And You Will Know Us By the Trail of the Dead, At The Drive In
Fresh, dynamic, invigorating, innovative and dare we say 'groundbreaking' are all words that Dot Legacy conjure up after several listens. This is the type of album that will have you salivating as the more you listen the more you will understand the complexity and the more it will become a mainstay in your heavy rotation. Weaving between stoner rock, psychedelia, math rock, hip-hop and noise rock, these four prodigies from Paris, France have developed a very unique sound that is all their own. Most astonishing is how mature their sound is despite the fact that they formed in 2009 as teenagers. How they could develop such a unique sound is beyond us. The fact that we struggle mightily to pin them to similar bands exemplifies the band's outside the box approach and bold efforts.

Arnaud Merkling is mesmerizing on the guitar as he hits piercing ranges that only Tom Morello or Dweezil Zappa would attempt. The variety in the guitar licks and experimental nature of the fretwork is probably one of the strongest attributes within Dot Legacy. In addition, the energy that the vocals yield along with the aggressive chanting and choruses give you a real different slant as a listener.

Track Listing:

1. Kennedy - 4:15
2. Think Of A Name - 4:56
3. Days Of The Weak - 4:11
4. The Passage - 2:25
5. Pyramid - 5:02
6. Gorilla Train Station -7:22
7. Rumbera -7:22
8. The Midnight Weirdos - 8:38
9. 3am - Dot Legacy - 1:42

The nine tracks above meld together quite well. To date as we continue to place the album on heavy rotation, we find ourselves ratcheting up the review score a scooch. This is what great albums do to the listener. A complex album that has so much variety, but does not become an excessive experimental trip. Rather they reign things back in and the nine songs have beautiful chemistry and continuity.

Track 1: Kennedy - The piercing complex guitar work are introduced in this complex opener. The band exudes confidence and pulls off a difficult feet in mentioning their name and it working well. Kennedy contains some bizarre angles and approaches, but very contained. The song has some very strong melodies and subtly resonate throughout the album.

Track 2: Think of a Name - Perhaps one of our favorites on the album. Great percussion and Rage-like confidence exude on this track. A true anthem of aggression and energy that will ultimately lift your spirits.

Track 3: Days of the Weak - With an antagonistic beginning slightly apathetic morphing into majestic guitar-work and building like a mid-tempo And You Will Know Us By the Trail of the Dead song. Dot Legacy do a brilliant job on this track with the variety in the chorus lifting the song into higher limits. If you like songs that are patient and offer

Track 4: The Passage
- A dark interlude.

Track 5: Pyramid - Clearly the boldest track on the album that contains essentially four songs in 1. Call it Beastie Boys meets 311, but it works. Don't ask us how they pull this off, but they do. At first listen you will scratch your head, but after several listens you will get the tie-in to the overall album.

Track 6: Gorilla Train Station - Tied for the second longest track on the album, Gorilla Train Station is the most poetic and emotional track on the album. The track really shows the range of Dot Legacy as the balance between heavy and beauty are impressive.

Track 7: Rumbera - What is going on here? The gents from France turn latino? Los Natas meets Puya? Keyboards resonate stronger on this track and the change-ups are really impressive.. Interesting how this album takes a dark turn. The last three tracks

Track 8: The Midnight Weirdos - Brilliant title that accentuates the uncomfortable that is track 8. The song has a very serious tone and engulfs you with its dramatic pause and syncopation.

Track 9: 3AM - Dot Legacy - A mellow ending to what appears as a magical night from Midnight to 3am the album closes very well and profound.

The beauty of exploring obscure music at Rotation11 is that our Top 11 of 2014 continues to morph as we reflect. When your soul existence is to explore obscurity, your hard work pays off with gems like this. While we will not ultimately change our top 11 of the year, we do contemplate. This album could easily have rivaled our top selection for 2014. We are sure a year from now we will find others deserving of our top 11 in 2014. Ultimately, what we would like you to take away from this is that you need to own Dot Legacy. It will bring variety to your library and continue to impress you rotation after rotation. Well done gents! - 3/13/2015

Standout Tracks: Think Of A Name, Gorilla Train Station, Pyramid
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