(Feel Me Bleed)
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Sounds Like:
Life of Agony
Straight out of Victory Records came the Doughnuts with their own style of angst, desperate hardcore. Lets start off by saying that the album cover drew us in and despite the name of the band, these four woman knew how to create a blend hardcore that is all their own. Asa (lead singer) has such desperation and power in her style as a singer; it may be hard to distinguish whether or not she is actually male or female. The music is stellar, despite the so-so production; it's what makes it sound so unique. The change-ups are endless and it’s all about the rhythm on this album, NO SOLOS.

Our favorite part of Feel Me Bleed is the flawless transition from the fast, heavy "Blood Stained" and bringing it down right into "Words Unknown". So, if you need some old school hardcore in your collection give them a try. You don’t hear many bands like this anymore.

Standout Tracks: Feel Me Bleed, Blood Stained
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