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Del Amitri, The Wallflowers
Dovetail is a six piece band hailing from Texas. Our editors picked this one for review as there was some modest buzz from their track "Julie"  which won the John Lennon Songwriting Contest award for best rock song. Good song writing indeed, accompanied by whining harmonies and subtle twangy guitar work.  Lead singer Phillip Creamer is certainly the focal point of Dovetail as his vocals dominate the tracks with most songs leaving little room for you to appreciate the other five members.

For most of the tracks we find his vocal style a bit overbearing and grating.  Envision a low budget version of Matt Bellamy from Muse meets Brandon Flowers from the Killers. After "Julie", we found the majority of the tracks to be very straightforward with simple song structures that contain the melodies many times throughout. Ironically, the lyrical prowess held in "Julie" is about the most depth you will get lyrically here as we found some of the track lyrics almost laughable. The song structures are very simple often consisting of your basic token melodies. With repetitive melodic lines like... "Cause you move just like a hurricane, yes you move just like a hurricane", sorry but you lose us quickly here. Who wants to hear this line ten times in a three minute song? Is that imagery for.... you are overbearing, really taints the entire album leaving us quite indifferent.

The best track on the album is the somewhat solemn track "Can't Feel You", the song features some raw acoustic guitar work we can actually hear for a few bars and unique harmony. The second best track is "Story," where the lead in guitar work is solid, allowing for some longer gaps between vocals and some vibrant uplifting piano.

Outside of these two tracks there is significant drop off hear. Unfortunately, Dovetail's full length, Mount Karma, falls very flat. Bottom line is we could not get past the overbearing and whining vocals of Creamer. After five listens of the album, the vocals do not warm up or become more palatable. As echoed over and over in track 12, "its gonna get you down... its gonna get you down...its gonna get you down". - 2/18/2014

Standout Tracks: Can't Feel You
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