Droids Attack
(Sci-Fi Or Die)
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Stoner rock, Sludge
Sounds Like:
Clutch, Crowbar, Baroness
Look up top at the 'sounds like' section. We know, bold and perhaps unlikely? Fact of the matter is Droids Attack are back after a six year hiatus and their newest album delivers elements of some very legendary acts. Sci-Fi or Die is a stellar dose of aggressive sludge and precision grooves. This album will resonate deep in the heart of the sludge and Stoner rock fan.

While their last three works are quite strong, their latest adds high-end production and more raunchy bass work.  The addition of Darwin Sampson in a new bassist/support vocalist role is certainly an enhancement. The depth and richness of the bass and drudgery throughout the album set this one apart . This one will will push the limits of your speakers.

Track List:

1. Die Glocke - 3:15
2. The New Plague - 4:09
3. Claw Hammer Suicide - 6:52
4. Brahma Astra - 6:23
5. Mashenomak - 8:27
6. Mashenomak Strikes Again - 4:45
7. The Maze - 1:57
8. Rebirth - 3:26
9. The Annunaki - 5:55
10. Enoch - 4:54

50-minutes of consistent adrenaline prevail on Sci-FI or Die. "Die Glocke" the opener gives you a good flavor of what this album is all about. Creeping rich undercurrents  and steady grinding guitar rhythms. "The New Plague" punctuates an impressive with a surge in professionalism of sound that’s one of the record’s most striking impressions. "Claw Hammer Suicide"features an impressive intro and Clutch-like rants. Strong melodies and a track that is loaded with quality change-ups.

"Mashenomak" is clearly the standout track. The bass and build-up are beyond intense melting Tool and Clutch influences. This could be one of our favorite tracks of 2016 and will should be a lock for our upcoming compilation.

“Mashemonak Strikes Again” continues the splendor featuring a very unexpected meandering sax solo that conjures up classic King Crimson glory. The album surges back up with the last two tracks that feature more bludgeoning bass along with impressive conviction and angst.

Droids Attack, from Wisconsin are true stoner rock and sludge technicians. They are the real deal and have flown under the radar for far too long. We suggest you start with this album and work your way back thru their other works. - 4/20/2016

Standout Tracks:
Mashenomak, The New Plague, Mashemonak Strikes Again

Brad Van (guitar/vocals)
Tony Brungraber (drums)
Darwin Sampson (bass)

Previous albums:
All Your Chicks Belong to Us (2004)
Fatal/Error Full (2006)
Must Destroy (2010)
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