Drop Anchor
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Hard rock, Grunge
Sounds Like:
Disturbed, Stick
Drop Anchor attacks the 90s grunge era with a modern tilt on their 2017 EP release entitled Ciera. The four-piece band hailing from Philadelphia blend post-hardcore and classic grunge while still keeping that nostalgic warmth that many Generation X folks may be longing for. The EP contains quite a bit of contrast from melodic vocals to more gut wrenching shrills along with a heavy dose of distortion.

1. Inferno (6:15)
2. Typhoon (2:36)
3. Seism (6:38)

Track Overview:
"Inferno" is our favorite track as the bellowing bass is the underpinning for a very impressive track. Kevin Mooney’s bass-work is exceptional and provides a very nice contrast to Buckley and Holstein’s precision fretwork. The track does a nice job steadily building into angst vocals and swirling echo. "Typhoon" sounds like something off of Stick’s album Heavy Bag infused with some STP influences. "Seism" attempts to pull in some Tool creeping bass-work and grabs you along with Buckley’s ear-piercing swirling melodies. The track derails a bit on the vocal side of things as we have a hard time getting into the over melodramatic tones. The partial vocal distortion is not enough as we would have preferred a more decrepit angle to this one.

What adult beverage do we recommend you partake in while listening to Ciera?
We recommend you get a little nostalgic with this one and grab a twelve pack of Keystone Light. See if your body can keep up the next day after polishing it off.

Kevin Mooney - Bass / Vocals
Matt Buckley - Guitar / Vocals
Brad Holstine - Guitars
Harold Echols - Drums

What are our Final Thoughts for Ciera?

If you are longing for something to take you back to that 90s feel good era, give this one a gander. Drop Anchor clearly has an affinity to the genre and are putting in their efforts to resurrect those flannel loving days. - 1/25/2017

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