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Blues, Stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Graveyard, Witchcraft, Horisont
It is bizarre how similar these Scandinavian bands who revel in the 70s blues rock era are emulating each other these days. We can’t quite figure out the originator, (perhaps Parson Sound?) but it is very strange how the vocals in many of these bands have the same exact style and tone. So much so that if you throw in a few disks on shuffle, you will be hard pressed to decipher between them. Norway’s Dunbarrow, seems to be the exoskeleton of Sweden’s Graveyard. Where Graveyard has taken a wrong turn in their recent release (Innocence and Decadence) Dunbarrow appear to recognize this and have essentially come out with a Graveyard Hinsigen Blues follow-up.

Overall Dunbarrow display strong talents in their ability to play off blues contrast and bring things down very well. Unfortunately, we have a big hangup on this one and can’t seem to get past the mirror image sound. While the musicianship is pretty solid and the vocals provide that dark mystique we just can’t get past the cover-band effect.

Track Listing:
1. Try and Fall (2:45)
2. The Wanderer (3:42)
3. You Knew I Was a Snake (4:07)
4. My Little Darling (4:29)
5. Lucifer’s Child (3:51)
6. Guillotine (3:43)
7. The Crow Ain’t Far Behind (3:22)
8. Forsaken (3:20)
9. Witches of the Woods (6:09)

All in all this is a pretty solid album that takes very few risks. Fans of this genre will enjoy the overall production and musicianship of Dunbarrow. Standout tracks include "The Crow Ain’t Far Behind" which notches things up a tempo with some very rich grooves. The closer "Witches of the Woods" also delivers some intriguing contrasts with scorching vocals that slow down to a snail’s pace at about the 3 minute mark. Love the two minute ending on this one. It is these two songs that veer just a bit off the tracks to intrigue the listener. We absolutely recommend you burn these two. Overall fans of Graveyard and Witchcraft will be entertained by this album. We have to pipe in here and strongly endorse the new album by Witchcraft (Nucleus). While they are too popular for this site, their recent effort is absolutely stunning.

Had Dunbarrow kept things in the vein of tracks 7 and 9 we could have had our rating in the eights or perhaps even an editor’s pick. Ultimately, however, we have to downgrade and average our rating with the lack of creativity that the song structures clearly look to emulate. While this album may be very flattering to the aforementioned Scandinavian rockers, Dunbarrow has done themselves a disservice by creating a tribute album with a few twists. - 2/25/2016

Standout Tracks: The Crow Ain’t Far Behind, Witches of the Woods
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