(Wool Sucking)
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Indie, Punk, Rock
Sounds Like:
Band of Skulls, Sleater Kinney, Wild Flag
Yet another solid band coming out of Brooklyn New York. Eula is a trio that packs a lot of sound characterized by chaotic guitar work, frenzied percussion, and a lead vocalist with some very strong screeching pipes. Lead singer Alyse Lamb brings intensity and uneasiness to the album. Catchy melodies and somewhat repetitive lyrics resonate as Eula ultimately delivers a very melancholy piece on Wool Sucking.

Track Listing:

1. Noose - 3:04
2. I Collapse - 2:51
3. Little Hearts - 3:19
4. Orderly -2:46
5. The Destroyer - 4:06
6. Like No Other - 2:30
7. Your Beat - 3:44
8. Aplomb - 2:50
9. Meadows -1:52
10. Monument - 3:50

The album commences with "Noose" a creepy and lurching track carried by some wild and intense bass-work. The lead guitar on this track is innovative as it sounds like speech echoing Alyse's dark chants. Great start to the album. The second track, "I Collapse," is a bit grating. "Can you handle nasty weather" repeated over and over, reminding us a decrepit witch turned lead vocalist... the song really takes a big turnaround within the last 30 seconds with an intense build-up and terrific ending.

"Little Hearts" is by far our favorite track on the album. The song provides brilliant contrasts between the jazz percussion and dark vocal melodies. Alyse shines on this track. Well worth downloading this track. "Orderly" is a pretty cool song about the urge to rip one's own heart out during adversity.  While the lyrics become a bit flippant it suits well the chaotic noise rock that ensues. A nice venture outside the box a bit.

Welcome next the worst track on the album, "The Destroyer" . A bit of a snoozer utilizing off key vocals and it's somewhat drawn out, against the grain melodies results in a less than exciting experience "Like No Other" is straight out of a Rasputina album minus the cello. In fact, it sounded so akin to the fellow New Yorker's we had to search their library to see if it was a cover.

The second best track on the album is clearly "Your Beat". Alyse's tone is compelling and original on this track.  The tribal backdrop plods on and blends brilliantly. Also a must download.' 'Aplomb' and get a bit heavier on the punk and hardcore side of things. Both short but nice diversions.

The finale "Monument" is a lullaby with no percussion that could have probably been closed at about the two minute mark. A bit of a flat ending in our opinion.

Alyse Lamb: Vox, Guitar
Jeff Maleri: Bass, vocals on "Your Beat"
Nathan Rose: Drums, vocals on "Your Beat" and Keys on "Noose"

We can't say we were blown away by Wool Sucking although we do love the name. Eula has significant promise for the future, but Wool Sucking falls somewhat flat at various moments throughout. "Little Hearts" and "Your Beat" are the two shining moments on the album and are well worth your time. We can envision Eula perhaps as a band that may be stronger in a live setting. We will be on the lookout for their tour and wish them success with the release. - 4/27/2015

Standout Tracks: Your Beat, Little Hearts
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