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Atmospheric doom, Stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Pelican, Elder, 5ive - metal band
Earthmass is a heavy psych rock band that hails from Essex, UK. Their blend of music varies between atmospheric doom and stoner rock as we would not expect anything less from a band with a name like Earthmass. They are greatly overlooked within their respective genres as they have released three singles and two albums since 2012. And now they grace us with Collapse in 2015. What’s special about this four-piece band is their attention to detail and giving us such lengthy and quality songs to captivate us. Their albums have either three or four songs on them ranging between four and twenty minutes long, but you always feel they put out their best effort and not just slapping together leftover material. Their previous work is very atmospheric and trippy stoner/doom, in vein of bands like Pelican or Russian Circles. On Collapse they have added a bit more sludge to the mix and the album feels more dense, yet it has all the ingredients that we have come to like about Earthmass.

1. Awake/Crisis 6:14 – Starting things off with a single guitar note and soft cymbals, than it kicks into full gear. It’s a heavy, medium-paced song that will do your speakers justice. The dual vocals of Chris and Jack are terrific, adding a powerful, distinct element to the music. This song gives off a Sleep doom vibe while harnessing the heavy psychedelics of Kylesa, it’s a great combo of influences going on here. The sludge feel really comes into play towards the end; it’s a great song to whet the appetite.

2. Divergence 4:38 – This track feeds off the previous flawlessly, continuing with their atmospheric sludge sound. The clean vocals fit right into the music and they are far and few in between. This track is so damn powerful, the bass alone is very impressive and the repetitiveness will lure you in, it’s a captivating rhythm.

3. Weakling 7:14 – This one has more of a classic doom feeling for the first three minutes. Than it dives into a majestic, soft entrancing rhythm, its great contrast from where the song started. We are than led towards a more steady psychedelic heaviness, great dueling guitars can be found here, it has somewhat of an uplifting feel about it.

4. Loom (i.Drowse ii.Barren) 18:25 – The last and longest track. They really put everything into this one, leaving nothing behind. This song has it all, it starts off very soft and trippy. The bass keeps a steady pace while the guitarists are off in their own atmospheres and the drums tend to pull us back to earth. It has an old Monster Magnet Tab 25 style to it and this is just within the first 4:12 minutes. Suddenly the song bursts into an all-out psychedelic heaviness for a bit than going back to the soft beginning rhythm. The track could have ended here, and we would have been satisfied, but not on Earthmass’s watch, they bring things back. The song continues to impress as they straddle between doom and stoner rock with heavy vocals. The breakdown at the 13 minute mark is so unexpected and it’s terrific exploration, really elevating the song. The guitar plucking is very catchy; this could be our favorite part of the song, it will keep this pace and build ever so gently to a heavy onslaught to end.

Band Members:

Chris Houghton - Guitar & Vocals
Chris Saunders - Guitar
Rob Saunders - Bass
Jack Burley - Drums & Vocals

Earthmass are very captivating; they are much more than your typical doom/stoner rock band. They take their influences and hone in on them to make music that sounds original, which is tough to accomplish today. If this album is for you, do not hesitate to check out their previous albums, heck, just buy them all, you will thank us later. - 3/25/2015

Standout Tracks: Loom (i.Drowse ii.Barren), Weakling
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