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Fugazi, D.R.I., Witch (J Masics Side Project)
Based out of Brooklyn, NY is a label called Money Fired Records and their mission is to bring forth the punk, hardcore and metal scene that lies within the five boroughs of New York. One of these bands within this scene is Earworms, their punk style is gritty, intense and carries an attitude that one would expect from this genre. Their debut album is well produced and brings us 12 tracks that are sure to lure in fans of bands like Fugazi to D.R.I.

The album kicks off with the highly energetic "Process," it’s only a 1:36 long, so they pack quite a punch into this one. The multiple vocals of Halpin, Merideth and Carotherson on this cut are a nice touch and we also hear this use of multiple vocal arrangements carried throughout this album. One of the standout tracks is "Voyage The Unreal," it keeps the music progressing along and the rhythm here is very tight, a great one–two punch to begin an album. Fans of J. Masics may dig the heavy guitar style of "Occupy Earth" as it retains the vibe of the band Witch (J. Masics side project). Speaking of the guitar sound which is provided by Halpin, every once in a while we get a feel of the once great rock band, The Fierce Nipples, that he also played in. They were a short-lived metal band from Upstate NY in the 90's. If you were lucky enough to capture them live, than you'll understand where the sound comes from.

Now back to the album as we turned up the volume a little more on the pounding "Drunk Shaman," as this one will rip through your speakers. The thick "Daedalus Smiles" has some powerful drumming and the last minute of the song is just terrific as they pull out all the stops and leave nothing behind. Moving on to "Monkey E.T." and "See You Through," these tracks continue the onslaught of punk, not letting the listener come up for air (and that’s a good thing). So, now we get to relax a bit with "Harmonices Mundi," the vibe here is a smooth rhythm, but it’s retains that attitude we have come to expect from Earworms. The last three cuts "Major Threat," "Bomb Threat Checklist" and "Genetic Simple" have a D.R.I quality to them, so fans of old school puck should take notice.

Earworms are brand spanking new and their debut album deserves your attention. Fans of this genre will find their style refreshingly raw and a big plus for the genre that could use some resurgence. Perhaps they will tour relentlessly, take over the East Coast and go beyond scratching the surface of the punk/garage rock scene, as we are glad to be witness to the beginning of their journey.  - 5/50/2014

Standout Tracks: Voyage The Unreal, Drunk Shaman, Daedalus Smiles
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