Ecstatic Vision
(Sonic Praise)
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Stoner rock, Space rock
Sounds Like:
Monster Magnet, Harsh Toke, Olatungi
Ecstatic Vision's debut album is a wondrous trip mixing ill-advised hallucinogens and psychoactive drugs to formulate one hell of a ride. Intelligent production compliments the smoke and byproduct that formulates from the cauldrons of this seamless journey providing heavy influences from the extremely hard to duplicate recipe of Monster Magnet's 1991 classic 25…Tab. Fans of this classic album are in for quite the treat.  

The trio hailing from Philadelphia do an exceptional job in developing an otherworldly atmospheric journey blending classic stoner rock with krautrock and yes some surprising splashes of afrobeat influences. Ecstatic Vision bring together all the requisite trip inducing ingredients such as intense echo vocals, lofty swirling guitars, and space rock percussion assuaging your eardrums and eventually making there way to your bloodshot retinal nerve. We commend Relapse Records for branching out into slightly different territory for them.

Track Listing:
1. Journey - 5:12
2. Astral Plane (part 1) - 4:08
3. Astral Plane (part II) - 3:24
4. Astral Plane (part III) - 5:06
5. Don't Kill The Vibe - 5:00
6. Sonic Praise - 5:25
7. Follow The Path - :27
8. Cross The Divide - 9:16

Ideally, Sonic Praise should be listened to in one sitting. We will do it no justice by giving you a track by track description. There are so many creative surprises throughout the thirty seven minute journey such as meandering saxophone, afrocentric percussion and vibrant spacial tones. Not one track disappoints nor does one track elevate above the other. Instead what you experience is one steady journey through haze and hallucination.

Bottom-line is that these guys are authentic and have a tremendous future ahead. While they are currently flying way under the radar, they should get some nice exposure as they embark in September on their 2015 Night Creeper tour with Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats. We very much look forward to catching them in New York and Boston. Pick-up Sonic Praise when you get a chance as it will enhance your stoner and space rock music catalogue. - 8/13/2015

Standout Tracks:
The whole album
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