Ed Schraders Music Beat
(Party Jail)
Crank this to 7.8 of 11
Punk, Rock
Sounds Like:
Dwarves, Ty Segall, Death From Above 1979
Who’s looking for some gritty, lo-fi punk rock that sounds like Ween on a cocaine binge? You’ve come to the right spot. Take a gander at Ed Schrader’s Music Beat and their latest album Party Jail. This two-piece band consists of Ed Schrader (Vocals, Drums and lyrics), Devlin Rice (bass, guitar, vocals and percussion) along with d guest drums by Jeremy Hyman. Party Jail offers thirteen punk and rock tracks with the longest running at a mere 2:47. The album is written to expose the listener to the very heart of the songs; they cut to the chase as there is no fluff or experimental waste on this album.

1. Pantomime Jack (2:02) Catchy right from the get go. At first, lead singer Ed Schrader’s vocals sound eerily similar to late vocalist Mark Sandman from Morphine, than the chorus kicks into a quirky, punk frenzy like Ween on stimulants, its great contrast.

2. Pink Moons (2:08) A somewhat mellow song with infectious bass work. You’ll find yourself gravitating towards this one after a few listens.

3. Emperor's New Chai
r (1:26) Upbeat, Ween meets Dwarves here and throw in some Tweak Bird for good measure.

4. Televan (1:25) Same as the above, great back-to-back songs.

5. Clock Weather
(2:47) A return to the softer side of Ed Schrader. Still, very rhythmic with standout bass work.

6. Radio Eyes (2:02) More Tweak Bird meets Death From Above 1979, if you’re a fan of these two bands, you’ll dig this. Plus, great dual vocals can be found here.

7. Cold Right Hand (2:13) Offbeat repetitive punk with a tad of Morphine thrown in, it’s an interesting combination if you ask us.

8. No Fascination (1:22) Erratic punk rock with some edge, short and to the point.

9. Laughing (2:05) Very addictive song. It’s a medium-paced with appealing drums.

10. Signs (1:32) Lo-fi alternative punk that starts to lure you in right at the very end.

11. Desire Post (2:25) Upbeat with terrific percussion and catchy as hell.

12. Pilot (1:48) Strong dual vocals here, sounds very impressive when cranked way up. This song may have the most interesting lyrics on the album.

13. Weekend Train (2:17) A mellow ditty with just muffled vocals and bass. It’s a nice song to bring the album a close.

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat is a very interesting band. They really bring some new vibes to the punk and rock scene. They have an infectious quality about them that resemble the above bands, yet they somehow make it sound original. The songs are very concise and don’t drag on. The tracks could easily tire the audience if they were longer, but they knew when to cut the cord and leave us content. - 11/25/2015

Standout Tracks:
Pantomime Jack, Pilot, Laughing
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