Eerie Glue
Crank this to 7.7 of 11
Indie, Shoegaze
Sounds Like:
The Cure, The Black Heart Procession
Eerie Glue is sticky in the sense of delivering a unique and catchy sound that is hard to shake. OK we agree, it is annoying to force the adjective in order to make a simple point. Hailing from Copenhagen Denmark the foursome have released their third EP that is loaded with catchy hooks and out of tune melodies. Most unique about their sound is the frail guitar-work that features a boatload of reverb and outboard effects creating a very atmospheric sound. Robert Smith influences are evident with tone overload and piercing work. Lead singer Bunyamin has a very charismatic voice reminding us of Pall Jenkins (Black Heart Procession/Three Mile Pilot) and Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys)... intriguing indeed.

Track Listing:
1. Sunbeams (4:29)
2. Down the Drain (4:44)
3. Mumbo Jumbo (4:47)
4. This Feeling (4:10)

What is the standout track?
The opener "Sunbeams" shines through with the most texture and impressive emotions. More depth within this track as the off-key guitar licks really grow on you after several rotations. Very unique layered melodies that evolve into Jespersen letting loose with some meandering solos that we really enjoy.

How is the production?
A bit muddled and cloudy which actually adds to the off-kilter sound. You do get that late 80s early 90s vibe off the production.

What adult beverage should accompany the Love EP?
The Copenhagen
By Gromit Eduardsen of bar 1105 in Copenhagen
2 cl. (.75 fl. oz.) Cherry Heering Liqueur
5 cl. (1.5 fl. oz.) Bols Genever
2 cl. (.75 fl. oz.) Lime Juice
2 cl. (.75 fl. oz.) Simple Syrup
1 dash Angostura Bitters
Orange twist for garnish
Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with an orange twist.

Final thoughts for Love.
Part of us would love to have seen Love as a full length album. The finest moments we found were when Jespersen explores his space and really goes off on tangents. Longer tracks to feed the euphoric atmosphere would have served us better. Bottom-line is Eerie Glue has some clear talent that really can put you in an alternate mood. Some of their more somber lyrics can really paint some dark clouds with the melancholy guitar-licks. We just ask that they steer a bit clear from the “yeah yeah yeah yeah” filler lyrics. We do recommend you give ‘Love’ a gander and peruse their 2 other EPs. We look forward to the band’s first full-length hopefully in the near future where they perhaps delve into more exploratory territory (ala Three Mile Pilot). - 6/23/2017

Bünyamin Eroglu (Vox & Guitar)
Bjørn Jespersen (Guitar)
Malte Nybo Andersen (Drums)
Mikael Hedegaard Pedersen (Bass)

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