Elk + Mammoth
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Sounds Like:
Gomez, Oingo Boingo, Fleet Foxes
We love the idea of a concept EP and appreciate the lyrical depth that Elk + Mammoth bring to the table. Their new EP entitled Culprit explores the conscience of the guilty party setting place just after a crime scene has occurred. The Australian foursome have delivered an extremely crisp and clean EP that is pleasing to the listener.

The production is vibrant as Palstra's vocals contain a little extra volume and are about as clear as you can get. His style reminds us of a mix between Ian Ball ( from Gomez) and Danny Elfman (from Oingo Boingo). A staccato rich style that is certainly the center point of the EP.

Track Listing:
1. Culprit (5:41)
2. Shiver (3:18)
3. Faded (4:27)
4. Portrait (4:51)

The title track sets the stage with an in depth story-line coupled with some very enticing bass-work led by Karklins. While the subject matter references desperation and fear, the track is calming and shows the band's ability to paint mystique and transport the listener.

"Shiver" is the most catchy of the four tracks and is complimented by some impressive imagery. The melody contains some heavy Oingo Boingo influences.

"Faded" features some very cool subtle harmony but most vivid is the wonderful guitar work and the infusion of some poignant piano. This track demonstrates the band's ability to let the vocals take a backseat shifting to more focus on the rhythms and instruments.

The closer "Portrait" plays like an extension of the title track getting more focused on the storyline at hand helping the listener come full circle.

Elk + Mammoth deliver some refreshing intellect and originality on Culprit. Their lyrics and creativity will hopefully take them a long way in gaining some exposure.  This one is well worth adding to your collection. We are very much enjoying it in our heavy rotation. - 6/6/2016

Standout Tracks: Portrait, Shiver

Band Members:
Tim Palstra - Guitar, Vox
Ethan Berry - Guitar, Vox (track 3)
Alex Anderson - Drums
Max Karklins - Bass, Piano (track 3), Vox (track 3)

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