Erudite Stoner
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Sounds Like:
Will Ackerman, Michael Hedges, Swell
We grew up listening to Wyndham Hill Classics, which featured some of the best contemporary music on the planet. There were several very powerful acoustic guitar releases featuring superb artists, (check-out the 1994 Guitar Sampler). Peaceful as the wind hits your face on a cool evening hike was where those albums would take you.

Erudite Stoner, the one man project from Brazil, has captured the essence of what Wyndham Hlll stands for in his 2015 Self-Titled release. Erudite means scholarly and this gentleman certainly knows his way around a fretboard. The nine-track journey takes you through some very thought provoking moments. There are solemn and dark undertones throughout this album where we found ourselves taking a hard swallow. The beauty, however, lies in the consistent shining light that emanates throughout the beautiful melodies. The solid production provides a very soft and intimate feel, where you can hear quality squeaks in the chord changes that will send chills down your spine.

Track Listing:
1. Spiritual Deliverance - 3:22
2. Alienist - 2:54
3. Ride to Nowhere - 4:19
4. Far Away From City Walls - 3:09
5. There is No Home - 3:58
6. Waiting For the Storm - 2:51
7. Sand Path - 4:13
8. Roads to Somewhere - 7:16
9. Left Behind - 1:41

All nine tracks are very solid. The album maintains a conservative consistency not taking too many risks. Perhaps our favorite tracks entail  "Ride to Nowhere" and the seven minute wonder "Roads to Somewhere" where both tracks intertwine with a central melody. The change-ups on both these tracks are down right inspiring. Check-out the momentum and energy that builds within "Ride to Nowhere," it very much reminds us of the amazing band Swell.

Ultimately Erudite Stoner’s debut flows beautifully and has become a mainstay in our rotation. Erudite Stoner is an album that we will find very good use for over the years. Its ability to lower our blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels should not be discounted. This is a very heartfelt piece of work that you will enjoy putting on be it during that cold Winter night, that crisp Fall morning, or that breezy summer day on the lake. Grab this one off BandCamp for just $7 bucks, it is well worth the investment. - 1/25/2016

Standout Tracks:
Ride to Nowhere, Roads to Somewhere
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