Evil Blizzard
The Dangers of Evil Blizzard
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Doom, Psychedelic rock
Sounds Like:
Black Sabbath, Witchcraft, Ghost
Sunday, February 9, 2014
#10 ALBUM OF 2014
Evil Blizzard is a new band spawning from the UK underground scene and is dark and dismal to the core. We were thoroughly intrigued at the fact the band consists of four bass players and a drummer. Their ominous 9 song debut spans 51 minutes and is laced with haunting, spaced-out doom.

The album features tremendous grinding bass work that eerily dominates throughout. The drummer is the lead singer and provides vocals that remind us of a subdued Ozzy on a bizarre acid trip. Evil Blizzard is also developing a small following with the buzz from their bizarre live shows. They infuse alien costumes and boiler suits along with decrepit make-up and ominous lighting to help accentuate their live atmosphere. And lets not forget their infamous baby doll head that seems to travel where ever they appear. So what’s not to love about them?

The songs are very intelligently crafted providing powerful build-ups and a tenacity that really clicks after several listens. This is definitely one of those albums that will put you in a somber mood, and is genuine.  The bizarre music box intro is a perfect mood setter taking us right into the doom-riffed "Feed The Flames", this song is just mind-blowing and were only on track two. The ominous vocals are right at home amongst the subdued bass and acidic drums, the song will gradually pick up its pace and evolve into some sort of UFOMAMMUT-like jam… need we say more. "Clones" is extremely catchy; at first, it seems a bit out of context with the album, but after a couple listens it is a necessary song that breaks up some of the psych-riffage going on here. The albums’ onslaught continues with "Sleep", "(Open Up The) Red Box" and "P.U.N.I.S.H.M.E.N.T", these songs will engulf you with their unusual style of tripped-out, psychedelic metal. "Slimy Creatures" is another song that accentuates the peculiar vocals, it’s very engaging.

"Whalebomb", the closing song is about 19 minutes long, and is notch above the rest. Usually with songs of this length, we hear a lot of filler crap and space, but not here folks. This song is full of distant synchs and doom-laden bass arrangements, the vocals are scattered throughout and distant, creating an ominous mood. The song just keeps building and gets heavier towards the end; and we are eventually brought back to the music box from the beginning of the album.

We are witnessing a band on the cusp of something very special here. A band that is contributing something refreshingly unique to the underworld of doom psychedelic rock. Pick-up The Dangers of Evil Blizzard and you will add a very bizarre and intriguing album to your collection.
- 2/9/2014

Standout Tracks: Whalebomb, Feed the Flames
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