Eyes On The Shore
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Hookworms, Young the Giant, Band of Horses
Eyes on the Shore have a spacious and lofty sound. Their name very much suits their sound. A vision of the shore that is expansive and engrossing. While their genre may be straightforward, their song structure is diverse and intelligent. The band strays from the normal hooks and melodies at the predictable moments and instead the tracks take many turns exuding multiple layers of unique coastal sound.

The band formed in 2012, hailing from San Francisco they consist of Cory Tauber on rythym guitar and lead vocals,   Kayhan Golkar on bass, Antrom Kury on lead guitar,  and Kyle Albery on drums and vocals. For an EP,  it is on the longer side consisting 5 tracks totaling close to 28 minutes. By the way, this one is dirt cheap on E-Music. Below we have included our thoughts on each of the tracks:
Jigsaw - The opening track really sets the stage. A rich coastal percussion entrance accompanied by surfer vibe bass are a tremendous lead in to Cory's crisp and airy vocals as he belts "we number powerful". Kury's intelligent piercing guitar-work really caps the song off. Jigsaw contains numerous guitar solo forays that are for lack of a better word exquisite.

II Brutto - Kury kicks this one off with heavier guitar. The track is steady with a few change-ups….one particularly grinding and brooding at the 2:50 mark. Overall a very energetic and solid pop rock song.

Worlds Apart
- Probably our favorite track on the EP. Unique melodies and solitary lyrics are the backbone to this darker track. The guitars screams are chilling and compliment the reclusive lyrics. We hear some Katatonia in the guitar-chops a big plus in our eyes. The perfect song for a clear starry night with the waves crashing at your back.

No Turning Back - Very reminiscent of Incubus here. Not that we dislike Incubus, rather the flow of the EP is interrupted here as there unique spacious vibe is interrupted as we hear too many similarities to Brandon Boyd's aura and chops.

Path of Fire - Unconventional ending which we like. Vibrant mariachi horn section setting to a Django vibe on this six minute plus instrumental. Superb track which exemplifies the band's ability to be patient and let a track build. Check-out the last two minutes of this track as the Kury's fretwork bleeds within the melodic trumpet-work. We love the ending. - 9/7/2014

Standout Tracks: Worlds Apart
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