A Wound in Eternity
Crank this to 8.5 of 11
Atmospheric rock, Space rock
Sounds Like:
Hawkwind, Kyuss, Pink Floyd
Thursday, October 31, 2013
If you’re unaware of the California band Farflung, than buckle up for a wild, spaced-out trip. A Wound In Eternity, the bands' 8th release, is a space rock jauggernaut. Let start with track 1 "Unborn Planet", an upbeat, spacious, stoner rock tune that sets the mood for the rest of the album. With no break, it jumps right into the next track, "Endless Drifting Wreck", a great 7 minute journey, with trippy synths and guitars too match, the title of the song is fitting.

The songs on this album tend to alternate between slow and fast-paced tempos before building up momentum. "Stella Volo" enters into tribal territory at the end, which is mind-blowing when cranked on a killer set of Paradigm speakers. Tommy Grenas’ vocals compliment the music and his integration adds to the structure of the songs.

"A Wound in Eternity" is an album that reflects the perfect example in craftsmanship of how to blend stoner rock and psycadelic space-rock. Get the extended version, the two bonus songs are worth the extra $2. This could be their finest work to date.

Standout Tracks:
Stella Volo, Endless Drifting Wreck
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