(Dead Wahines and Tsunamis)
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Stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Truckfighters, Queens of the Stoneage, Brain Police
Great album cover indeed, takes us back to the early 2000’s stoner rock scene when a spaced-out half naked woman seemed to grace the cover of every other stoner rock album. This brings us to Feuerzeug’s latest album, 2011’s Dead Wahines & Tsunamis, where the cover art harkens back to this era. Perhaps this one fell through the cracks and maybe we missed a hidden gem. Well, it’s not a gem, it may be just a Cubic Zirconia. What we have here is 13 heavy driven stoner tracks that seem to have been done before.

The four piece from Switzerland seem to throw all their influences at once into this album. The more you listen, the more bands will come to mind. From a fuzzy Fu Manchu or Monster Magnet riff to Metallica guitar-driven rhythms and even Disturbed vocals are just a few names that come to mind during this album.

Band Members:
David Van Neeg
Terry Pinhard
Marc Cappelletti
Esteban Von Wolfsburg

Track Listings:

1. Cyclops Will Be Beheaded - 4:00
2. Landkreuzer - 3:58
3. Evel Knievel Has Kissed the Devil - 5:15
4. I'll Scratch Until I Bleed a Flood - 4:15
5. Nitroghostcar - 3:26
6. Fusion Van - 5:16
7. Cruising the Desert (Pt. 1) - 3:00
8. Cruising the Desert (Pt. 2) - 2:32
9. Release the Kraken - 9:48
10. Kometa - 6:47
11. Lieuplorodon VS Giant Orthocone - 5:28
12. Magma, Lava and Burned Karma - 6:13
13. Dead Wahines and Tsunamis - 9:57

“Cyclops Will Be Beheaded” kicks things off fast and loud with good start stop action.

“Landkreuzer” and “I’ll Scratch Until I Bleed a Flood” sound very much like QOTSA, fronted by singer of Disturbed.

“Evil Knievel Has Kissed the Devil” starts off like Monster Magnets “Black Balloon” than transitions to a Fu Manchu’s “Over The Edge” riff only than leading to a Chili Peppers funk. This one even has a painful chorus, with unnecessary yelps of “ooohs” and “whooos”.

“Nightroghostcar” is up next. Very upbeat and fast providing an infectious hook for us stoner rock lovers. Very Brain Police-like.

“Fusion Van” lives up to its name. Any stoner rock song with a “van” in the title needs to be smooth and fuzzy. They actually inject some Maiden-like galloping rhythms in the beginning. One of the better tracks.

“Cruising the Desert”, Part 1 & Part 2 sound like they should be Kyuss-like in nature. Part 1 just feels like rehashed versions of any heavy rock song while version 2 offers soft trippy acoustics. Part 2 is very good instrumental.

“Release the Kraken” (no relation to Clutch) offers heavy distortion and spaced out guitars. The first few minutes is very metal-like, but transitions into a slow psychedelic jam, great ending...

“Kometa” has some Tom Morello-like guitar techniques mixed with Truckfighters mojo.

“Lieuplorodon VS Giant Orthocone” showcases various amounts of stoner and heavy rock influences. The music goes through many transitions of soft psychedelics to straight forward rock, not sure what to make of it. The vocals also don’t help its cause, they are just too upfront, the music should be the focal point.

“Magma, Lava, and Burned Karma” is Truckfighters meets Disturbed, if you’re into both bands, it’s the match made in heaven.

The last track, “Dead Wahines and Tsunamis” has an inspiring stoner rock feel, it’s easily the best song. The echoed vocals are right up our alley. This song has a smooth style to it and feels original and not some rehased stoner song. Just another album where the band gives all in the last song, download this one.

There is definitely some talent here, if they can just harness the creativity of the last song, it could be a great album. It just seems like we have heard it all before as there is not much originality to this album. - 5/16/2015

Standout Tracks: Dead Wahines and Tsunamis
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