Fever Dog
(Second Wind)
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Stoner rock, Psychedelic rock
Sounds Like:
Radio Moscow, The Heads, Rush
Fever Dog, hailing from the drought stricken deserts of California have released an impressive album with 2014’s Second Wind. It is a melting pot of heavy psych blues, psychedelic jams and classic stoner rock grooves. It’s an album that will take you back to the early 70’s psychedelic rock scene than pull you right back to a present day stoner rock vibe; you can’t say this for too many albums today. Fever Dog consists of three members; Danny Graham (Guitar/Vocals/Theremin), Nathan Wood (Bass/Sound Generators) and Joshua Adams (Percussion/Organs/Back-up Vocals). Together they have created an effective formula for writing such well-structured songs. Second Wind is ten entertaining, free-spirited tracks clocking in at 46:68, it’s not too long that it overstays its welcome and not short that it flies right by.

Second Wind begins with a soft, open ended acoustic intro that will leave you intrigued; it’s a short intro, which leads into the title track "Second Wind". This one starts with an easy-going stoner rock vibe as the slightly muffled vocals are introduced adding a trippy accent to the song. At 1:27 in, the song takes a left turn towards a progressive styled jam, somewhat resembling a classic Rush feel. Track 2, "The Back of Beyond" has an airy stoner rock aura about it; the vocals here are spaced-out, giving this song an open-ended texture. These two songs will wet your appetite for what is about to come.

Moving onto "The Great Tree," which is one of the standout cuts is a superb, stoner rock affair. The Nebula-like vocals in the beginning give the song a raw, live feel. At 3:26 minutes in, it takes an impressive shift in rhythm. The rhythm is a smooth styled stoner rock jam that will floor you. The lone steady guitar gives way to a full on percussion and it keeps picking up pace to end, it’s a killer track that injects some adrenaline into the album. The short "Iroquois" is a tease, with its fluidity and soft vocals, you’ll want more and you’ll get more with the next song "One Thousand Centuries". This one is a great jam, it somewhat resembles stoner rock legends The Heads, it’s trippy, psychedelic with massive groove change-ups. The next song "Rukma Vimana" is an acoustic instrumental  that feels as if could be taken straight from the classic Led Zeppelin III album; the acoustics are played to perfection here.

Now we come the 9:18 minute "Hats Off to Andrew Bowen," and this one is a bluesy, psychedelic Radio Moscow-styled jamfest. It has everything going for it and really showcases the bands talent. We love how the song could’ve ended at the 5:10 mark, but not on Fever Dog’s watch. They keep things moving along and the addition of minimal synths is a brilliant touch and the guitarist just makes perfect use of the wah-wah pedal giving the song added layers. Another impressive tune is "Lady Snowblood/Child of the Netherworlds". If you’re a fan of the under-appreciated 1975 Rush album Caress of Steel than this one is for you, as it resembles the style "The Necromancer". It’s an epic trip that infuses 70’s psychedelics with modern day production. Closing in at 9:09 long, the song travels through many elements of psychedelic and progressive rock with minimal vocals thrown in. The change-ups within this song structure are flawless. At 5:30 minutes in, when the synths come into play, you would think Geddy Lee had a hand in this track, the song than just carries on to end with a steady jam. Ending the album is the lofty, inspiring "Nexus". This song is a psychedelic delight, soft vocals and a constant flow carries this song until the last minute where the offbeat rhythm slows down to bring the album to a close.

We tip our hats to Fever Dog who has put out a tremendous effort with Second Wind. It is one hell of an entertaining album as you will find yourself listening to the this as a whole and never wanting to skip to the next track. Fans of of heavy rock should have no problem getting into this band, there is a style for everyone from stoner driven blues to psychedelic rock. - 10/17/2014

Standout Tracks: Hats Off to Andrew Bowen, The Great Tree, Lady Snowblood/Child of the Netherworlds
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