Field Report
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Americana, Folk
Sounds Like:
David Gray, The Wallflowers
This album bleeds a blend of The Wallflowers and David Gray. Heavy on the personal experience lyrics that requires several listens to absorb the plot and pull the melodies. We can equate the Field Report experience to that of short novel where multiple unknown characters intertwine into deep rooted imagery and experience. Listening in isolation does lose some luster here as the album really melds well in its entirety. The album flows with intricate subtle acoustic guitar-work and warm piano and synths.

The backbone of Field Report revolves around Chris Porterfield's Dylan/Gray style mid-western influenced vocals. With origins from Wisconsin and Minnesota, Field Report exude the country suburban feel, journalizing very thoughtful and specific experiences. The album is a flood of themes covering addiction, death, murder, sex, love, wonder and peace. Tracks like "Incommunicado" are exceptionally heartfelt with lyrics like, 'I never would have made my way out here... where Dahmer sings the blues with Liberace as they sip on 50 cent beers... holding hands in a bathroom mirror... when you coming home, when you coming home'. On "The Year Of The Get You Alone" Porterfield describes the weight of isolation in a small town. 'You’ve been sleeping with director’s daughters and taking drugs I’ve never tried / I drink at home most days and sometimes sleep with my wife.' Throughout the album there are many references to film making and quite a few proper nouns that provide a unique touch to the album. Track seven really brings home some very intricate personal experience, 'Chico the American taught me to drink clear…..through the glass cooler door, past the blues band in the strip mall with a barrel chested roar'.

The debut album from Field Report released by Partisan Records is impressive and well worth your time. Some listeners may find Field Report's very specific references difficult to grasp. Our suggestion would be to bear with this one and give it several listens. On about the fourth listen through the album you may conjure up personalized images and find yourself attaching to the detailed lyrics. Just as you would with a fine novel, you begin to infuse your own colors and scenery. Listening to the album as a backdrop you will begin to associate your experiences with the warmth and solid consistency delivered by Field Report. Your music collection will improve a notch with the addition of Field Report, just avoid having this one on shuffle play and let it play through from start to finish. - 9/11/2014

Standout Tracks: I Am Not Waiting Anymore, Incommunicado
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