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Doom, Metal
Sounds Like:
Nihill, Eyehategod, Vulgaari
Monday, February 2, 2015
Elongated operatic doomy death metal vocals blended with some pretty intense highs and some dismally dark lows. Sound interesting? Give Fister a preview as they pack a shitload of cool doom in this 46 minute trip. Hailing from St. Louis Missouri the three piece band have put out their second full length in Gemini. From a doom perspective, the album is quite beautiful contrary to the images that the name may conjure up. The beauty lies in the contrast between heavy and soft along with the sonic calmness and cooling off that you will feel after several listens. We found our eardrums soothed by the crisp tonality and deep brooding bass. Heavy beauty... yes... those are the two words that come to the forefront.

Track List:
1. Antitheist - 8:28
2. Suicide Hessian - 4:59
3. III - 5:21
4. Gemini - 5:31
5. Sinking Estonia - 7:40
6. Permanent Chemical Psychosis - 9:27
7. Invisible Corpse - 5:16

The opening track, "Antitheist," is loaded with feedback and fuzz in the intro. Interesting use of some higher pitch presence that eventually builds deeper into darkness. While Kenny Snarzyk uses distortion muffle throughout the album, but does a superb job in mixing his inflection up. We found ourselves hearing new things within the song each listen.  

"Suicide Hessian' gets a bit more aggressive morphing into more melodic and doom towards the end. We hear Acid Bath like guitar-work within this song and throughout the album. Concise and high-pitched. At midpoint the song kicks into punk mosh-pit mode and then really backs off. Nice variety to this one.
"III" is also a solid track where we hear more exposed guitar, quite reminiscent of Sleep with some repetitive droning, but not too much. Fister tends to throw in quite a bit of variety which is not all that common these days. "III" also ends beautifully into a operatic funeral dirge fade.

The title track commences like something out of American Horror Story, somber acoustic guitar and piano set the backstage for the entrance of pure evil. Gemini could very well be one of the most beautifully contrasted doom metal songs we have heard in a long time. If you get anything out of this review, this track is an absolute must for you to listen to. This tune is full of bliss.

"Sinking Estonia" accentuates Kirk's percussion prowess. This track is loaded with sludge and guitar-work that is a bit more caustic than other tracks.
"Permanent Chemical Psychosis," the longest track on the album and really takes its time to develop what is a very original sequence. The blend of bass and Tool like guitar-work really impress in the last two minutes some eerie spoken word and church bells.
The last track, "Invisible Corpse" features some shredding with a well established doom backdrop. The vocals on this track really give off a sense of despair and finality. Its amazing how detailed and well timed the feed back and bellowing bass is. Offbeat rhythms and math rock tendencies really work together to provide for a very grim ending. “No one will mourn me. No one gives a shit. No one will miss me."
Kenny Snarzyk - Bass/Vocals
Kirk Gatterer - Drums
Marcus Newstead - Guitars/Vocals
Doom fans should not overlook this one. Fister brings a craft all to their own on Gemini. Their ability to contrast the intense, the beautiful and the despair is uncanny. Crank this one way up and put it in heavy rotation. - 2/2/2015

Standout Tracks:
III, Permanent Chemical Psychosis, Gemini
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