Flavor Crystals
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Psychedelic rock, Shoegaze
Sounds Like:
The Verve, Rancho Relaxo, Black Market Karma
Hailing from Minneapolis Minnesota Flavor Crystals, after a five year hiatus, deliver their third release aptly titled Three. The album features a heavy dose of euphoric meandering taking you on one of the more mellow trips we have come across in a long time. Created from some two years of experimentation and studio dabbling, the Flavor Crystals released their most elaborate work in Three that will leave you sedated from the second hand psychedelic smoke. The vocals are soft and inviting as the album is a convincing mix of psychedelia, 70s krautrock  and 90s shoegaze.

It's a bit of a chore to pick standout tracks from this album as it really plays as one cohesive song. The three tracks that give you the best flavor of the album are:

"Surround" A ten minute journey that features some very high pinging guitar work along with rich bass and peaceful vocals. The bass work is steady and drives deep into your eardrums .

"Broadcaster" also shines with an up-tempo percussion section that provides a refreshing and combination along side the mellow  vocals and swirling guitar work.

"Snow Falling on Ono" A very eerie start and Asian motif creeps. A sorrowful track that melds drone and experimental elements.

Track Listing:

1. Mirror Chop
2. Ivan in the Park
3. Boris in the Pool
4. Chamber of Mines
5. Cow in the Meadow
6. Surround
7. Look at Me and Say Yes
8. Broadcaster
9. Blue Haiti
10. Adult Contempt
11. Sultans Orders
12. Snow Falling on Ono
13. Age of Aquarium
14. Straight Lines

Band Members:
Nick Foerster
Danny Miller
Josh Richardson
Nat Stensland

Three is the best album of the three that Flavor Crystals has put out. Overall the album serves well as a background music perhaps when you are occupied on other things. Direct attention to the album will induce sleep and daydreaming. Overall it is a mellow and trippy fourteen tracks well worth adding to your library. - 9/25/2015

Standout Tracks: Broadcaster, Snow Falling on Ono, Surroun
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