Flicker Rate
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Post rock
Sounds Like:
Slint, Red Sparrowes, Mono
Spanning just 12 minutes and four songs, we were expecting this one to pack a punch and get to the heart of what is Spencer Bassett's  vision. Spencer, by the way, is a teenage multi instrumentalist having developed this short project under the name Flicker Rate. To be blunt we agree the lad is talented but frankly we are not here to judge him based on his age level or peer group. Rather we are here to opine on how Flicker Rate compares to other bands in the post-rock genre. In a nutshell Flicker Rate's debut album is mediocre at best. There are no flashes of brilliance as things pretty much stay middle of the road.

Track one, "Valhalla," is perhaps the best of the four tracks. The bass undercurrent provides the most interesting aspect as we found ourselves fixated on the unique tones.

The second track, "Evident," is highlighted by some double bass drum action and has a metal appeal to it. While Flicker Rate has been categorized in the math rock genre we don't quite see it. The change-ups are not frequent enough and things scurry along more a kin to post rock

"Small Sun" is a big let down. The track is quite directionless and the percussion becomes a bit monotonous. We feel hostage waiting for the guitar to burst into a notion of clarity, but it just doesn't happen.

The closer "Elusive Rain" features meandering guitar melodies that again go absolutely nowhere. The one bright spot within this track is the unique percussion and rhythms that eek out little glimpse of math rock but again not enough change-ups to be really categorized math rock in our opinion.

As a music enthusiast you have many choices in the post rock world. It feels like new bands are popping up every other day. While we give credit to the very young Spencer Bassett and his certain to be bright future, the reality is he needs several years under his belt to develop into a more intriguing composer. Quality song structure is so vital to delivering a high-end post rock product. - 3/29/2016

Standout Tracks: Valhalla
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