(Live and Maintain)
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Post rock
Sounds Like:
Explosions in the Sky, The Album Leaf
Post-rock instrumentalists Fontenelle are set to release their debut album Live & Maintain to the world. The band from Omaha, Nebraska has given us a well-structured Post-rock album that doesn’t completely sound like every other band in this genre. If you love the exploration of Explosions in the Sky and the modern sound of The Album Leaf than this one is right up your alley.

The twelve instrumental tracks on Live & Maintain are filled with inspiring heavy Post-rock rhythms, scattered electronic sounds and soft meandering jams. We must note, every now and then we hear a touch of light Math rock, which shows how technical the music can be. The production is clean and sharp, which benefits this style of music, each instrument is vibrant and pleasing to the ear.  It’s almost impossible to break this one down on a song by song basis, so here are the highlights we all agreed upon at Rotation11.

The second track “Classic” dances between soft Post-rock and touches of math rock, the balance between these two genres is terrific. “Good Times” starts off with some infectious bass work and as the track progresses, we think there is a violin nestled into the music for a brief moment. The songs builds in strength to a sudden drop off of some sort of indie-like post rock, the guitar work is also beautiful here. This leads right into “Atlas,” and what an instrumental this one is, it will take you on a roller coaster of Post-rock melodies.

“Transparent Frequencies” is just as impressive, the use of what sounds like a Xylophone really elevates this one. The tranquil aura of the last cut “Waves” has a genuine sound, it does however pick up towards the end, yet it still maintains its peaceful vibe, sending the listener off on a good note.

We find Fontenelle to have a refreshing sound as the album does not get tiring, we constantly hear something new with every listen. The band has definitely taken Post-rock on a new path.

1. Forgotten Sons
2. Classic
3. Karma
4. Phasers
5. Good Times
6. Atlas
7. Transparent Frequencies
9. Ice Mountain
10. Taj Mahal
11. Live & Maintain
12. Waves

Band Members:
Guitar-Zach Kurmel
Drums-Blake Amato
Bass-Alex Vang
Guitar-Tristan Costanzo

Standout Tracks: Classic, Waves, Transparent Frequencies

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