Space is Dark It is So Endless
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Psychedelic rock, Space rock
Sounds Like:
Hawkwind, Graveyard, Blue Cheer
Friday, December 26, 2014
What a smart formula for an album. Commence with six acoustic tracks, get the listener's ear accustomed to the melodies and mystique, then plug in the amps for most of the remaining ten tracks. While this formula may not have spawned from Fooz's creative mind, it is an impressive album spanning over 70 minutes. Originally the band released a six track CD and broke-up shortly after. Space is Dark... It is So Endless was reproduced into a full length in 2005. The formula makes for a very entertaining 70 minutes as the plugged in sections also come back to various acoustic interludes. The Spanish quartet, although short-lived, having broke up in 2002, had quite the chemistry.

Space Is Dark…
Space Is Deep
Smoke is Over
Flower's on Me
Astronomy Domine

...It Is so Endless
Alone You Stand
Merely a Number (Clouds of Words)
Flowers on Me
Cool Guys
Smoke is Over
Leaf Tale
There is a Place
Hi Fooz/ Mixhole Masterdoom

Fooz delivers a very balanced album with clear influences from a variety of 70's stalwarts. While they still possess a modern sound the album contains hints of blues and stoner rock. Fooz does an excellent job with their build-ups and really accentuate their acoustic talents making for a soothing blend of heavy and calm. We could go on and on with influences such as Captain Beefheart, Blue Cheer, Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, etc. Interestingly enough, although the band hails from Spain, we hear them perhaps providing momentum for many of the Swedish blues rock bands that have spawned the last eight years or so. Graveyard, Withcraft, Horisont, etc. We found 'Astronomy Domine' to be a wonderfully tasteful rendition of the classic Floyd tune, adding a bit more acoustic, synth and swirling guitar. Nice job adding a different angle to the terrific song. There are really no bad cuts off the album.  'Mine' is a great acoustic track with a dulcimer stomp type feel. Reminds us of some classic Mindfunk or Monster Magnet at times intertwined with Crosby Stills and Nash believe it or not. 'Leaf Tale' infuses some key stoner accents that further enhance the variety offered on this album. Fooz does an excellent job adding drips and drabs of darkness and solemn throughout, but not drowning the color and majestic sections that are the backbone to the album.

Psychedelic, stoner, and blues rock fans should absolutely add this one to your collection. For some reason we are finding some commonality to a few of these short-lived bands. Perhaps personalities or lack of momentum get in the way of what appears so obvious…..that these motherfuckers are pure talent. 12/26/2014

Standout Tracks: Space Is Deep, Flowers on Me, Hi Fooz

We could not locate any videos of this band, they seem to be very obscure.
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