Forming the Void
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Atmospheric doom
Sounds Like:
A Storm of Light, Torche, Baroness
Sunday, August 19, 2018
The third release from Louisiana natives Forming the Void is one hell of a towering beast of an album. Released through Kozmik Artifactz Records, Rift displays some of this years most expansive doom yet. Crank this mother up and let the majestic riffs fill the room and wash over you. One of the main draws to Rift is the strong, yet trippy vocals of lead singer and guitarist James Marshall. His commanding tone is powerful, yet displays a sense of calmness at times… what a performance.

The music displayed on this album is so expansive and dense and is truly a great headphone experience. The riffs are spaciously heavy while the percussion and bass round out the full sound. Forming the Void bring a unique and somewhat fresh sound to the doom genre, it’s not your typical sludge filled chaos, but a more cosmic sound.

1. Extinction Event (5:22)
2. On We Sail (5:34)
3. Arcane Mystic (4:50)
4. Transient (5:45)
5. Arrival (5:39)
6. Ark Debris (6:39)
7. Shrine (10:18)

Standout Tracks
Tough call, the track ”On We Sail” has such a catchy vibe with tremendous vocal harmony. The last song “Shrine” has it all. Running at 10:18, this heavenly track travels through various forms of heaviness; its doomy, majestic and dark. 

Adult Beverage Pairing
Resin by Brooklyn’s Six Point Brewery will do the trick. This very smooth 9.1% (ABV) IPA is the perfect companion to Rift.

Vocal Performance
9.5 of 11

Risk of Subwoofer Damage
9.4 of 11

Weight of the Heavy
9.2 of 11

Hallucinogenic Levels
9.3 of 11
Lyrics and Song Structure
9.3 of 11

9.4 of 11

Overall Album Flow
9.6 of 11

Album Cover Aesthetics
9.2 of 11

Production Value
9.6 of 11

Final Thoughts 
Rift is an exceptional doom album that expands on the genre. The production is massive and sounds best on vinyl or CD, forgo the digital version if possible and take in the monolithic heaviness Forming the Void has to offer.

Forming the Void are: 
James Marshall - Guitar/Vocals
Shadi Omar Al-Khansa- Guitar
Luke Baker - Bass
Thomas Colley - Drums

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