Freedom Hawk
(Into Your Mind)
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Metal, Stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Sheavy, Rainbows Are Free, UFO
Let’s get straight to the point, Freedom Hawk's fourth installment and second release from Small Stone Records Into Your Mind is one hell of a dynamic and entertaining album that packs quite a punch. The trio from Virginia have continued to grow and churn out heavy 70s laden rock with elements of heavy riffs and undeniably catchy grooves. What is different about this album is it’s not just pure stoner rock, there is an underlying modern day homage to classic metal themes placed strategically throughout. The ten songs are played with high energy, yet they know when to soften things a bit, creating a formula that only Freedom Hawk can conjure up.

Track Listing:
1. Blood Red Sky
2. Journey Home
3. Lost in Space
4. On Your Knees
5. Waterfall
6. Radar
7. Beyond Our Reach
8. Into Your Mind
9. The Line
10. All Because of You

Right from the start they hit you over the head with “Blood Red Sky” and “Journey Home” with their classic metal guitar driven rhythms and infectious hooks. Guitarist/vocalist T.R. Morton is flawless in handling the vocals and lead guitars. You will think he sounds very much like Ozzy, and he does, but this is no way a deterrent. As you go through the album, you easily forget about this, his vocals are clean, energetic and vibrant, compliments this style of music very well. Perhaps the vocals lend a hand in formulating the classic metal sound. The next two, “Lost in Space” and “On Your Knees” have a trippy aura about them. There is something about the music on these two that resemble the overall feeling of Iron Maidens’ A Matter of Life and Death album (which could be their finest work).

The album continues on its impressive path with the bluesy “Waterfall,” we can’t help but think this is what folk outfit Band of Horses could sound like if they had some metal in their blood. “Radar” and “Beyond Our reach” are more metal stoner rock goodness you can seek your teeth into and “Beyond Our Reach” has a special addicting rhythm that will stick with you. On the next song “Into Your Mind” T.R. Morton mixes things up a bit with the vocals, he sounds a bit like Neil Fallon in the beginning. This song goes in and out of blues and rock effortlessly, it seems to run on a different pace than the other songs.

Only two tracks left and we have come to one of the best songs on the album with “The Line”. Coming in at 6:51, the longest track, this one is just flat out brilliant. The soft vocals, reflective lyrics, a steady bass, rhythmic drumming and swirling blues guitars give this song a pleasing fluency as everything comes together in an effortless manner. The last track “Because of You” brings us back to the energetic metal/stoner rock we have come to expect from Freedom Hawk.

These guys aren’t your run of the mill stoner rock band. Into Your Mind is a well-structured album that will elevate them above others in the saturated world of stoner rock. The way they fuse 70s rock with classic metal seems natural and sets them apart from others. So, if you’ve been searching high and low for something different in this genre, give this one listen. Just let the music lift your spirits and soar with Freedom Hawk. - 6/24/2015

Standout Tracks:
The Line, Journey Home, Waterfall
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