Funeral Horse
(Divinity For The Wicked)
Crank this to 8.7 of 11
Stoner rock, Sludge rock
Sounds Like:
Greenleaf, Godsleep
Funeral Horse’s sophomore album entitled Divinity For the Wicked moves in a very positive direction from their 2014 debut Sinister Rites of the Master. The hooks and melodies are far more intense on this album. Lead singer Paul Bearer (love dat) has an infectious voice and understands the power of the muffled effect. He does a splendid job bringing us back to the old Gruntruck days with his brilliant use of excessive distorted vocals. Divinity For the Wicked is a very entertaining album that intertwines some very unique moments to make this anything but your standard stoner rock album.

Track Listing:
1). There Shall Be Vultures
2). Underneath All That Ever Was
3). A Bit of Weed
4). Gods of Savages
5). Yigael’s Wall
6). Cities of the Red Night
7). Gifts of Opium and Myrrth

Band Members:
Jason Argonaut | Bass
Paul Bearer | Guitars, vocals
Chris Bassett | Drums

What is our favorite track off the album to burn if you only had a few bucks to spare?
"Yigael’s Wall" is led by a tremendous bellowing bass undercurrent. The patient rhythms build into This track blends all things doom, sludge, and stoner and contains some lofty whimsical vocals. "Gifts of Opium and Myrrh" has a very classic feel. We hear some very early Danzig within the first minute and from here the track takes us on quite the journey spiraling into Sabbath and more modern stoner fury. The last two minutes feature a bagpipe funeral dirge. How could this not kick ass... a must for your collection.

What other albums would we recommend if you enjoy Funeral Horse?

Highly recommend anything by Mike Patton’s Tomahawk. Pay particular attention to the tremendous track ‘God Hates a Coward’ which Paul Bearer tends to channel Patton’s energy.

How is the production?
Certainly better than the first album.While the muffled vocals fit the lower quality production the overall feel is as though it were produced in the 70s with some added fuzz.

What adult beverage do we recommend while listening to this album?
Lord Hobo’s Steal This Can 6.4% ABV 16 Oz set in a masculine rustic steel can featuring a splendid combination of pine, citrus, malts, peach, and just enough bitterness.

What are our final thoughts about Divinity For the Wicked?
We are fired up to see these guys on August 20th at the Obelisk All-Dayer. Going in we have this suspicion that they will be tremendous live. The muffled vocals and energy may translate even better live. Whether or not you can attend this show, we highly encourage you to grab this album for your collection. - 8/1/2016

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