Future Elevators
(Modern World)
Crank this to 7.4 of 11
Pop, Indie
Sounds Like:
Broken Bells, Maroon 5
Tired of Maroon 5 or disappointed in the new Broken Bells album, well take a gander at  Future Elevators. The quintet from Birmingham, Alabama’s latest effort, Modern World should intrigue fans of the modern pop and indie rock genres. With clean singing, solid musicianship and good production, Future Elevators may just fill that pop/indie void. Do they break new ground, not really, but what they offer is a fresh, clean sound that can be rather easy to get into.

Among the 10 songs on the album there really are really no standout cuts or any real duds. From the onset “Rome on a Saturday” is a soft, airy tune with a catchy chorus. It is reminiscent of lost Broken Bells song that would appear on a B-sides album. The released single “Modern World” is a combination of ‘Maroon 5 meets the Hall & Oats hit “I Can’t Go For That,” it’s a very friendly, pleasing song. “Just Another Day” displays some infectious acoustic work along with a solid vocal performance; it’s a short nice song. “Alabama Song” follows that same path, yet is a bit more somber, these two tracks are great back-to-back.

While track six, “Machine Maker” has a very airy pop appeal, the next cut “It Is What It Is” brings us down to earth a bit with its low-toned vibe, showing nice contrast between songs. “Everything Everywhere” has a very full sound, the percussion is massive and the echoed vocals really elevate this one. “Narcosis” follows and is a well written ditty with nice acoustics; it just fits right into their formula. The last track “Aphrodite” is basically ten minutes of ambience, it’s calming for the first couple of minutes, but that's it, 10 minutes seems excessive for this type of album. If you were to play album this on shuffle, this one would taint the experience.

We are surprised how much this album is being played around here. It’s nothing very original, yet they have brought us a nice, easy going indie pop album that doesn’t over stay its welcome. - 4/28/2016

Standout Tracks:
Everything Everywhere, Just Another Day
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