Gentlemen Bastards
(Bastards Brew)
Crank this to 8.4 of 11
Heavy rock
Sounds Like:
Queens of the Stoneage, Lo-Pan
If you like your rock with tons of raw energy and heavy grooves than look no further than Alabama’s The Gentlemen Bastards. Their latest album Bastards Brew is loaded with energetic stoner rock tempos, bits of 90s garage-styled grunge and some heavy blues. The clean vocals of Will Quinn seems to flow naturally with the music and help give this album a homegrown quality about it. The self-produced quality is what drew us in, these guys seem to have a great time doing what they do and it shows. This album should satisfy that urge for something heavy and enthusiastic.

Track Listing:
1. Mad
2. Coitus Asteroidus
3. Bat Bait
4. Reckoning
5. Skuggi
6. Umbra
7. Speakeasy
8. Bastards' Boogie

The album opens with the infectious groove of “Mad” and with its echoed vocals make this one the perfect song to lure you in. “Coitus Asteroidus,” throws a little classic metal onto the mix, we actually hear a little of Iron Maidens’ “Phantom of the Opera” here. It’s like the offspring of Lo-Pan and Maiden, good diversity to begin an album. The next two songs keep things moving along. “Bat Bait” has a solid bass line that doesn’t miss a beat, it’s the driving force of the song and “Reckoning” has a really nice build of vocals and rhythm towards the end. The mellow vibe of “Skuggi” is a pleasant change of pace, the vocals are easy on the ears and actually could be one of the standout tracks.

Track seven “Umbra” brings us back to the upbeat, groovin’ rock we have come to like from these guys. “Speakeasy” offers up some heavy and crunchy riffs, this track just seems to stick with you after you hear it a couple of times.  The last cut “Bastards’ Boogie” has a very lively rhythm and just keeps on building to come to a sudden drop off to end the album.

Band Members:
Will Quinn - vocals
Bill Barry - guitars
Dave Stanley - drums
Böðvar Böðvarsson – bass

The Gentlemen Bastards may not be breaking new ground, but they have their own blend energy and raw vibe to capture fans of stoner rock. We recommend adding this one to your rotation as you may be pleasantly surprised. We found the album steadily improves and further sinks in after several listens. - 7/10/2015

Standout Tracks: Mad, Skuggi, Coitus Asteroidus
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