Get Your Gun
(The Worrying Kind)
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Gothic folk rock
Sounds Like:
Spindrift, Schomberg Fair, PJ Harvey
Get Your Gun's debut album is a dark and somber piece of work that hits several chords within our psyche. For one, the album paints heartfelt landscapes of desperation and sorrow and really comes full circle with it's moving story. Westmark's vocals are distinctive to say the least. Some may find the baritone pipes to be quirky and difficult to get into. After several listens, however, the complex richness shines through. We appreciate Westmark's ability to whisk us away into a very dark painful place.

Band Members:
Andreas Westmark (guitar/vocals)
Simon Westmark (drums)
Søren Norgaard (bass)
The opener “Black Book” provides the initial intrigue as the raunchy guitar-work and unsettling background vocals provide much intrigue. "The curse of the primitive man... black book" erupts like a cannon. This track real sets the stage provide multiple tempo changes and a powerful ending crescendo.

"Sea of Sorrow" delivers a powerful melody set to a tribal backdrop. The ancestral percussion and Westmark's vocals gel superbly together. We find our eyes gazing northward for a distant land. This is an inspiring track that really strikes a chord with us. It has a western feel much akin to something out of McCarthy's great novel Blood Meridian.

The title track is over eight minutes of some of the more complex work on the album. The story progresses with a very eerie  bass underpinning as trepidation is the theme. "I used to talk so loud so I could hide my doubt. I think I realized that I’m the worrying kind” The off-key guitar work blends into a very cohesive accompaniment where the percussion section and piercing guitar echo make for a very moving piece.

"Staying For A While" features some fringing guitar riffs. One of the more straightforward tracks off the album. Good melodies and not much in the way of tempo changes. The track is more in your face with simple lyrics.
"Sometime" is by far the darkest track off the album. Westmark's vocals are as so distraught and filled with anguish. The tight bass work and snare drum really compliment a disturbing piece. Slight vocal distortion or muffling also add to the ambience within the track.
Elvis meets Glen Danzig? For some reason this is conjured up in our heads on "Call Me Rage." The track actually reminds us of a PJ Harvey track 'To Bring You My Love' not a carbon copy but very similar vibe.
The closing track "Tenders Lies" is a poignant piece commencing with a soft piano interlude while Westmark puts a heavier goth tilt within his strain. Powerful creeping vocals build within the first few minutes of the track. The skies begin to open very subtly but then creep back into what sounds like a funeral procession. A very disturbing ending indeed.
Get Your Gun is a band that has the talent to really take you away from your current state. They have a tremendous ability to transform your mood. Do not look for a jovial transformation, however, as they exude darkness and a somber atmosphere. We greatly appreciate their unique angle on all things dark. Grab this album as it will add some nice diversity to your collection. - 10/14/2015

Standout Tracks: Sometime, Staying For A While, Sea of Sorrow
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