Ghost Outfit
(I Want You To Destroy Me )
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Punk, Shoegaze
Sounds Like:
My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth
Two-piece bands are becoming a dime a dozen these days. White Stripes, Japandroids, Daft Punk, Black Keys, Tenacious D, the Ting Tings, etc. Gaining praise and success through their ability to generate a full sound where you question how just two humans can generate such sound. Welcome Ghost Outfit a duo from Manchester, England. Their debut album I Want You to Destroy Me sounds like they are a duo and herein lies the problem. Weak production, monotone cheap guitars and sub par vocals are the overriding problems that are a constant throughout, make the listener quite anxious.

"WASTE" and "Sleep" are great example of how boring this album is and the overdone cymbal work here has us scratching our heads. The angst ridden track "Killuhs" is equally as painful and another head scratcher "What You've Got" is a partial spoken with occasional pause. The last track "Kids" is really the only solid tune going for Ghost Outfit. This song at least offers a decent melody and paints a mood. Frankly, the only other mood we get out of the previous 9 tracks is the urge to move on and get this out of rotation.

So to sum up, the only redeeming features of Ghost Outfit is perhaps their name and the last track. We suggest playing this album and then quickly switching to the Black Keys so you can appreciate masterful musicianship against compared to this. - 3/12/2014

Standout Tracks: Kids
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