Ghost Toast
(Out Of This World)
Crank this to 8.5 of 11
Progressive rock, Experimental
Sounds Like:
Scale The Summit, Earthside
Ghost Toast hailing from Hungary have a very unusual Progressive rock album here. The foursome has found a way to broaden the horizons of this genre. As many instrumental progressive bands sound eerily similar, Ghost Toast throws in enough of their own elements to create a unique vision. For starters, the cello work performed by János Pusker adds another layer to the music taking the band to another level. Ghost Toast do however display moments of atmospheric ambiance, World music and soft spoken-word vocals scattered throughout, creating a theatrical aura to this album. All these ingredients by no means distract from the progressive nature of the music, in fact they help create a unique and unusual style of Progressive rock.

What are the highlights of this album?
Our favorites hands down goes to “Gordius” and “Minotaur”. These two cuts are modern day progressive classics in our book. The percussion alone on “Gordius” is spot on with tremendous foot pedal work by drummer by László Papp. “Minotaur” fuses the cello, piano and various synth nuances to the progressive metal, it is quite remarkable how they make it all work. “Last Man,” which samples quotes from the 1964 movie Last Man on Earth and 1971s Omega Man is flat out great, they even cross into Tool-like territory on this one.

How is the production?
Hats off to the mixing and mastering job by Zoltán Cserfalvi and Béla Boros at Denevér Hangstúdió deneverstudio These guys really found the vision Ghost Toast were in search of, the album is clear as day and sounds tremendous when cranked up.

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?
Have a glass or two of the the 9% (A.B.V) Black Alligator Ale by MONYO Brewing Co. based in Hungary.

Final thoughts for Out of This World.
The gents from Ghost Toast don’t seem like the type of musicians who are comfortable at being just a progressive rock band. They show the need to explore and take chances which brings out the best and sets them apart from the crowd. We highly recommend this album as it will add a boatload of variety to your heavy collection. - 10/1/2017

1. Ka Mai 05:33
2. Gordius 06:42
3. Alia 07:19
4. The Dragon's Tail 07:51
5. Minotaur 05:23
6. Kaia 08:13
7. Last Man 07:38
8. Ishvara 06:40
9. Pawn of Fate 03:11            

László Papp (drums)
János Stefán (bass, sound fx, samples)
János Pusker (cello, keyboard)
Bence Rózsavölgyi (guitar)

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