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Doom, Stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Wo Fat, Black Sabbath, Mindfunk
Let us get the Sabbath references out of the way first and foremost. Frontman Christian Linderson's (former acts - Count Raven, Lord Vicar, and Saint Vitus) vocals do resemble Ozzy and there are a variety of moments throughout this 67 minute trip that will remind you of Sabbath as do perhaps 700 other bands in this genre. The Swedish foursome do not skimp in the effort department and delivered an album with elaborate arrangements along with elements of psychedelia, hard rock and stoner intensity amongst the backbone of what is doom metal.

Track List:
1. Know Your Animal (7:45)
2. Alpha Omega (7:10)
3. Ripe (7:55)
4. Full Moon At Noon (8:01)
5. Oracle Pt. 1: The Mist (4:40)
6. Oracle Pt. 2 (8:53)
7. King One (10:37)
8. Tentacles of Zen (11:52)

The first track "Know Your Animal" features an adrenaline filled creeping riff that really catches our ear.  Linderson's pipes are filled with anguish and he drives the two crescendo moments that get us engaged from the get go. "Alpha Omega" tilts more heavily towards doom and we hear a fair amount of one of our favorite band's Mindfunk in the percussion and bass rhythms. Goatess shows us they have the patience to let a song percolate rather than rushing to the chorus. The track provides a nice balance of doom, space and stoner rock. Track 4 diverges a bit with  surprisingly bouncy melody and upbeat tempo. Goatess however keeps the continuity bringing things down and getting more euphoric as the song develops. While feeling like an outlier initially, Full Moon at Noon will grow on you and muffled chaos in Linderson's voice towards the mid-point of the song works so well with the Brant Bjork like guitar precision that Nicklas delivers.

"Oracle Pt. 1" and "Pt. 2" work very well together as the band really introduces some very unique sounds and desert rock landscapes. We found ourselves getting lost in the diverse melodies and spacious sound. We can't help but hear a bit of Kataonia's Jonas Renkse in the vocals, they're clean and command your attention. The two tracks play both extremes of relaxation and intensity. The last two tracks are our favorites off the album. The two tracks exceed 21 minutes collectively and really take things to another level. The first few minutes on King One allow us to cleanse the palate and recharge. The doomy grooves develop slowly and intelligently as the swirling dark rhythms gets deeper and deeper entrancing the listener as Linderson tells his story with patience and confidence. The track leads into a Far East extravagant arrangement in "Tentacles of Zen" that delivers one of the better space rock tracks we have heard in a long time. The vibrant chorus and complex guitar chords take this one beyond your standard Swedish doom metal becoming a mainstay in our heavy rotation.  

Niklas - Guitar
Findus - Bass
Kenta - Drums
Chritus - Vocals

Goatess will be a solid addition to your music collection. After the first rotation you will appreciate the time and energy that went into the  making of this album. For a doom album the arrangements are quite diverse and certainly contradict some of the stereotypical simplicity that is found within the genre. This one is well worth your time and hard earned dollar. - 4/24/2014

Standout Tracks: Tentacles of Zen, Alpha Omega
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