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Doom, Drone
Sounds Like:
Earth, Clouds Taste Satanic
Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Goatfox from Germany play some of the most cathartic instrumental doom that is relaxing to the core. There is not much information to be found about Goatfox; are they a one-man project, threesome, we have no idea. Regardless, this EP contains three slow driven tunes of soft, drifting instrumental doom with elements of drone. The EP is perfect background music for your next hiking excursion or any sleepless night, just sit back and lets the drone flow. 

1. Haut 4:51
2. Und 1:26
3. Knochen 10:01

Adult Beverage Pairing
Bastards of the North Imperial Stout by Half Brothers Brewing based in North Dakota. The 9.2% (ABV) is contains a wide range of flavors of roasty-burnt malt with deep dark or dried fruit flavors, and a warming, bittersweet finish.

Risk of Subwoofer Damage
7 of 11

Captivation and Variety
6.4 of 11

Weight of the Heavy
7.2 of 11

Rhythmic Pace
8 of 11
Lyrics and Song Structure
7 of 11

Fretwork Prowess
6.1 of 11

Overall Album Flow
8.8 of 11

Album Cover Aesthetics
5 of 11

Production Value
8.4 of 11

Final Thoughts
Goatfox have three albums under their belt of meandering instrumental doom. There is something very relaxing about their style, we find ourselves throwing this on when all we want is comforting background music that doesn't require our full attention.

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