Gorilla Pulp
(Peyote Queen)
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Stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Sheavy, The Sword
Gritty straight 'atcha stoner rock is what Gorilla Pulp is about. Maurice Flee does a nice job providing the grit on lead vocals, but ultimately detracts from the contrast that makes stoner rock so invigorating. On Peyote Queen, the band’s second release, Flee provides a ton of energy primarily at one steady level. The accompaniment is quite impressive as Flee and Vernati inject some impressive grooves and allow the jams to breathe a bit. Their combative fretwork are what saves this album from receiving a few notches lower rating on the rotation dial. The Italian foursome have stepped up their game from their 2014 previous release entitled Hell In a Can.

Track Listing:
1. Die of Thirst 2:22
2. Caveman 4:13
3. Magic Mushroom 4:53
4. Peyote Queen 5:51
5. Witch Boogie 4:17
6. Mirage of India 0:55
7. Road to the Temple 4:16
8. Ram's Head 5:22
9. Electric Woman 5:18

What are our two favorite tracks?
"Magic Mushroom" provides that contrast we yearn for on a good stoner rock album. Great stuff at about that 3 minute mark. This is perhaps the most psychedelic track off the album and the least in your face rock and roll. "Rams Head" is the most original track off the album integrating unique rhythms and melodies. It is a refreshing track and we would love to see the band go more in this direction. And let us give a little shout out to "Electric Woman" where we hear glimpses of the talk box effect and a boatload of wawa peddle.

Any low points?
"Witch Boogie" is a bit painful. Weak lyrics and another overdone track with “boogie” in the title. We even hear the need for a closing “yowzah!” at the end.

What adult beverage should accompany the listening experience?
We recommend 'Demon Hunter' from the Italian brewer Birrificio Montegioco. Which contains flavors of dark fruit and brown sugar and baking spice. 8.5% ABV just the injection to match Gorilla Pulp energy.A solid Belgian dark from this Italian brewer and not overly pricey like way to many of the Italian stuff.

Band Members:

Maurice Flee (vocals, guitar)
Choris (bass, backing vocals)
Angioletto Mr. Vernati (guitar, backing vocals)
Giorgio 'Bulldozer' Pioli (drums)

What are our final thoughts on Peyote Queen?
Gorilla Pulp have delivered nothing out of the ordinary with the release of ‘Peyote Queen’. There is much out there on this vein. If you can get past the one-level vocal grit, and keep your ear towards the dueling guitar riffs, you may gleam some additional enjoyment out of this album. Certainly worth a few rotations. - 1/4/2017

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