(Lights Out)
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Stoner rock, Blues
Sounds Like:
Jimi Hendrix, Fu Manchu
Graveyard blasted onto our radar several years ago and completely blew us away with their self-titled album. We still rank it as one of the best albums we’ve ever heard. They had an infectious energy that put a smile on your face. It's great for parties, firing down the slopes on your snowboard, driving over the speed limit, etc.

At their core, they are a great blues rock band that bridges most musical tastes and genres. If you like rock, you wouldn’t be able to resist it. In 2011, the guys in Graveyard released their follow up, Hisingen Blues. This album was solid, but if you listened closely, you might hear the momentum from the first starting to slow just a little. It was certainly a very good effort, but not quite as strong as the ST.

That brings us to Lights Out.  It's good, but you start to feel a little déjà vu from Hisingen Blues and yet more distance from the towering youthful bluesy inspiration of the ST. It’s not that Lights Out is bad, but it’s almost like the Pepsi Taste Test from years ago.  If you put the two next to each other, nobody would pick the new one. They guys from Scandinavia have aged a bit and the vocals and music have followed suit. In doing so, their greatest strength is starting to fade. Tracks like "Industry of Murder" or "The Suits, The Law, & The Uniforms" and "Endless Night" harken back to what we loved on the ST, but then you slow down notably on the remaining tracks, they are simply missing “IT”.  The garage-like energy from the original and Hisingen Blues is not consistent on Lights Out and is being replaced by slower melodies and deeper vocals that feel a bit forced.

Progress is usually a good thing for a young band but in Graveyard’s case, you just hope they didn’t peak right out of the gate. If you love first two albums, pick this up.  For the rest, pick up the first one immediately without reservation, and preview Lights Out for yourself before buying.

Standout Track: Endless Night
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