Green Altar
Heavy Side of the River
Turn this to 4.9 of 11
Doom, Black Metal
Sounds Like:
Diamanda Galas, Grave Upheaval, Eyehategod
Monday, May 07, 2018
We were digging the album title and ominous bass doom metal undercurrent from the opening track, but those fucking vocals … eesh. While we do have the patience of saints when it comes to previewing new music, we felt beaten up after this one. All hail Green Altar from Sioux Falls South Dakota. Figure head and focal point Cannon the Green sounds much like slapping two chickens against a blackboard and scraping their beaks downward. Other songs sound like a bloodthirsty bull mastiff that has not eaten in 2 weeks gnawing on a fresh piece of meat. That being said Green Alter does have a penchant for quality song structure and quite the knack for some intriguing doom melodies. While the album is exhausting to sit through in one full listen, it does entertain with a plethora of change-ups and interesting spoken word clips.

Weight of the Heavy
8.7 of 11

Vocal Command
2.6 of 11

Fretwork Prowess
7.1 out of 11

Captivation and Variety
6.6 out of 11

Overall Album Flow
4.5 out of 11

5.1 out of 11

Album Cover Aesthetics
7.5 out of 11

Production Value
3.8 out of 11

Standout track(s):
"Jolly Jane" sucked us in with its classic doom melodies and bass. The track has some great tempo change-ups and is entertaining as all heck despite the sub-par vocals. "Walk Where the Light is Green" takes the runner up prize for toning down the vocals a bit and some classic build-up.

Alcohol Pairing:
Dull the pain a bit earlier and you will warm up to the quality percussion, guitar and bass-work on this album.

How about some ‘Liquid Cocaine’ shots:
1/3 rumpleminze (84 proof)
1/3 jagermeister (70 proof)
1/3 151 rum (151 proof)

Lasting Impression:
Exploring the heavy tends to bring with it the macabre and dismal. Green Altar bleed darkness and certainly have an affinity for classic doom hooks. The over-the-top punk Diamanda Galas-esque vocals, however, are just too much for us to muster. Give this one a rotation for entertainment value, but pop some extra strength Tylenol shortly after. - 5/8/2018

Track Listing:
1. Jolly Jane (7:37)
2. I’m Not Surprised (7:45)
3. Walk Where the Light is Green (7:23)
4. Sodomize the World (9:07)
5. Puke (6:09)

Band Members:
Thode - Guitar
AVH - Guitar (other)
Rachel Purps - Bass
Myyyles - Drums
Cannon the Green - Vocals

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